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Specialized expertise, tools, and processes required to assist you in any construction related eDiscovery matter

  • Forensic analysts that provide collection support for all diverse source types

  • Locations across the U.S. and in Europe with a deep bench of experts to assist with more effective searching

  • Highly experienced in working with challenging and proprietary file types during processing and review

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Representative Construction Expertise

eDiscovery for the Construction industry has always been challenging. Multiple interested parties, including owners, financiers, insurers, architects, engineers, contractors among others complicate discovery, document review, and coordination.  Complex legal and technical disputes can involve diverse and complex data sources, high volumes, and organizational complexity to negotiate.   Increasingly development by global multinational firms have added cross-border data privacy and regulatory challenges to the mix.

Addressing these challenges effectively requires not only a complete understanding of the eDiscovery process but a deep understanding of the challenges surrounding Construction matters.

Whether engaged in a dispute resolution in the United States, facing a matter in the United Kingdom’s Technology and Construction Court, or preparing for international arbitration in another jurisdiction, Consilio has the expertise, tools, and processes required to assist you in any construction-related eDiscovery matter. Consilio is well equipped to undertake the many unique challenges faced with construction related matters.

Specialized expertise handling complex data types frequently used in Construction

  • Smartphones/tablets in common use for project communication & management

  • Proprietary project and building information management systems proliferating

  • 2D/3D CAD drawings from which relevant static views must be captured

  • BIM files/systems, centralizing overwhelming volumes of building detail

  • Documents that are unable to be keyword searched but may be relevant to the dispute, including drawings, photographs and scanned letters

  • Hard copy files that need to be reviewed and compared against the electronic files held

Responding to Documentary Evidence Requests in Construction Arbitration Matter

Consilio Case Study

The Issue

A large law firm involved in a multiparty construction arbitration in London, required assistance with 55 documentary evidence requests (referred to as Redfern Requests in the UK), which had fallen far down on the task list of the large firm involved but whose deadline was swiftly approaching.

Our Approach

Consilio crafted the search parameters using keywords, filters and advanced data analytics in Relativity® such as concept searching. The entire process for 55 searches took 1/5th the time (40 hours versus the approximate 200 hours) it would have taken the client’s internal resource, which would have resulted in them missing their deadline.

The Result

The documents were produced to meet the deadline and were successfully used in court to object to some of the requests due to the wide-reaching nature of the request and the proposed volumes for review. When providing the remaining agreed response, Consilio Project Managers could easily search for documents that were responsive and relevant to each request and create searchable PDF bundles of documents per issue.

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