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Energy & Natural Resources

Specialised expertise, tools, and processes to assist energy & natural resources firms and their counsel prepare an accurate, cost-effective response to legal matters — from multi-jurisdiction regulator response to intellectual property claims.

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Representative Energy & Natural Resources Expertise

Energy & natural resources firms globally are responding to an increasing number of legal challenges from a number of vectors.  Stakeholders, environmental groups, and federal and local jurisdictions often challenge claims and licenses to energy production across land, sea, and air.  As energy production technologies and practices grow in sophistication, intellectual property claims and defenses grow with them.  Competitive and highly dynamic pricing markets often add to the risks, costs, and impacts to firms — regardless of size — in near realtime.

Effectively addressing legal challenges requires a partner with more than eDiscovery competency.  It requires a deep understanding of matters specific to energy & natural resources companies and a proven ability to deliver.  Consilio has worked with energy & natural resources companies worldwide on some of their most challenging legal issues, successfully deploying proven expertise, sophisticated technologies, and consistent processes to reduce risks and costs throughout the eDiscovery workflow.

Specialised expertise handling complex eDiscovery issues for Energy & Natural Resources firms globally

  • Our global data infrastructure and review environments can be custom-configured to match your cross-border data needs.

  • Project management team strategically-located across time zones provide critical coverage when timelines are tight.

  • Flexible support solutions can be specifically designed to meet full- or partial-support of your entire eDiscovery and Document Review workflows.

  • Heavily enhanced technology platforms offer capabilities for investigations, legal hold, eDiscovery, document review, spend management, and more.

  • Teams of specialized contracted Document Reviewer are available to engage — often recruited for specific Energy-related expertise on pricing, contract review and intellectual property.

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Energy & Natural Resources

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