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Specialized expertise, tools, and processes to assist transportation companies with their legal challenges — from internal compliance investigations to intellectual property and multi-jurisdiction regulatory response.

  • Deep industry-specific expertise working closely with end corporate transportation clients and their outside counsel
  • Project teams cross-collaborate to build rich institutional knowledge on the full portfolio of client matters
  • Intense, continual focus on process improvement, cost & risk reduction drives value to clients without additional logistical burden
  • Robust training, development & certification programs improve team member retention & job satisfaction while reducing friction to reach optimal efficiency

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Representative Transportation Expertise

From high-technology integrations such as cloud-computing and artificial intelligence to newer power sources in electricity and CNG,  automotive and mobility companies are advancing the solutions they bring to a growing global market.  The expanded capabilities of these products and their value chains expose them to a wider range of legal challenges — from intellectual property claims to manufacturing, integrator and distribution issues.  Compounded by complex legal and technical details and an increased regulatory environment, preparing effective responses can pose a challenge to these companies and the firms that represent them.

Effectively addressing these challenges requires more than eDiscovery competency.  It requires a deep understanding of issues specific to automotive & mobility companies, a proven track record, and a knowledge of best strategies to lower risk and costs.  Consilio has worked with many of the top automotive and mobility firms worldwide on their toughest legal challenges employing proven expertise, tools, and processes required to directly address clients’ needs.

Specialized expertise handling complex issues for Transportation clients

Deep experience and familiarity with the automotive industry, offering strategic advantages to clients in the sector. Our Defensible Automotive Reduction Team (DART) offers a dedicated, highly skilled team that combines industry-specific knowledge,
legal expertise, and technical prowess to handle any complex legal issue. Our expertise includes Product Liability, Class-Action, Breach of Warranty, Dealer Network Development, Regulatory & Compliance (including TREAD Act), Employment and Data Privacy.
Provision of bilingual review services, particularly in CJK, German and English languages, ensuring accurate and efficient review of non-English documents. Our securely deployed infrastructure and workflows allow for extensive resources to handle cross-border eDiscovery challenges, especially in the Asia-Pacific region, ensuring compliance with local laws.
Consilio employs these practices to identify potential efficiencies and cost savings early in the litigation support process, significantly reducing the volume of documents for review.
Demonstrated ability to save clients significant review costs through strategic workflow adaptations and intelligent document analysis, potentially saving millions of dollars in review costs. Proven, repeatable processes are platform-agnostic, works with thirdparty vendors, and can be implemented regardless of the data hosting situation.
Use of global sampling, key term prioritization, email threading, and analytics during review processes to improve efficiency and enhance the dialogue among clients, counsel, global sampling and Consilio.
Consilio maintains constant refinement through the measuring, evaluation of process with outside counsel.

Collectively, Consilio has found that the vertical benefits continue to compound as the institutional wealth of knowledge, best practice, and culture continues to grow.

Accelerating Through eDiscovery: Consilio’s Expertise in Japanese Document Review Delivers Unprecedented Cost Savings

Consilio Case Study
The Issue

Major automotive manufacturer, was facing a substantial document review challenge. With significant volume of documents, 445,000 of which were in Japanese language alone, presented a challenge in not only reviewing and redacting these documents but also in doing so in a cost-effective and timely manner. The documents, primarily related to software testing on vehicles and contained intricate details, making the review process labor-intensive and expensive. Furthermore, the challenge was compounded by the need to adhere to cross-border eDiscovery legal requirements, necessitating expertise in local laws and regulations.

Our Approach

To tackle these challenges, Consilio convened its Defensible Automotive Reduction Team (DART). With years of experience in the automotive industry and robust AI-powered processes, this team was able to seamlessly integrate into any project and drive collaboration with outside counsel, the client, and third-party vendors. Consilio devised a multi-pronged approach involving Early Case Assessment (ECA) and Continuous Case Assessment (CCA) at its core, which facilitated the identification of key documents out of hundreds of thousands. In addition, the leadership team identified large document families during CCA, which were then bulk updated, saving additional costs.

For managing the vast Japanese language document sets, Consilio assembled a highly skilled team of bilingual English/Japanese language attorneys. The process was strategically divided into phases, with a focus on high-value search terms in the initial stage. The subsequent phase involved analyzing documents for repeating file names, duplicates, and further efficiency evaluations. A potential third phase, utilizing similar methods, was also planned to further reduce the reviewable population.

The Result

The strategic and technology-driven approach resulted in significant cost savings and efficiencies. By identifying testing documents and large document families during the ECA and CCA processes, Consilio avoided an estimated $1.5 million to $2.1 million in review costs. The multi-phased review process reduced the need for eyes-on review of ~200,000 documents, bringing about further cost benefits.

The dedicated bilingual attorneys and the DART team ensured that high-quality work was delivered promptly and efficiently. This approach allowed the client to meet their deadlines without compromising on the quality of the document review process.

Overall, Consilio’s expertise in eDiscovery and document review, backed by advanced technology and a highly skilled team, delivered substantial cost savings, while efficiently managing the complex review process.

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