Training, infrastructure, technology & support ― custom-designed to fit your organization’s needs

  • Flexibility to switch between full-service or self-service support models at any time, for any matter
  • Leverage investments in our robust & scalable global technology infrastructure without significant cost
  • Deploy proven workflows & technology innovations focused on increasing efficiency and workproduct quality

Support Flexibility & Infrastructure to Match your Team’s Needs

Have power users that want to process and upload data? Need our support team to handle overflow administrative tasks? Complete Flex provides cost-savings and support infrastructure when and where you need it without burdensome terms, associated costs or compromising on quality or innovation.


  • Consilio experts process and upload data for clients and provide a guided, end-to-end service experience.
  • Full Consilio knowledge & expertise applied on each client matter.
  • Full leverage of Consilio best practice workflows to increase work product quality and efficiency while controlling cost.
  • Flexible pricing options to fit each client.


  • Clients administrators process and upload own data, manage reviews and even produce own documents.
  • Consilio provides and maintains a secure, best-in-class hosted eDiscovery environment.
  • Client receives full onboarding and training by Consilio service delivery team.
  • Client optionally can receive overflow support for any step of their workflow where needed.
  • Flexible subscription terms to fit each client.

Flexibility without Compromising Quality or Adding Risk

Both full-service and self-service client support models enjoy full support by our global experts:

Global Support Icon

Global Multidisciplinary Client Support

With over 70 regions with Consilio presence across North America, Europe, United Kingdom and Asia-Pacific, our team of project managers, data technical specialists, analytics experts and consultants support clients with a service experience that’s second-to-none.

Scalable Infrastructure Icon

Robust & Scalable Global Infrastructure

Over 13 secure data centers with more than 90 terabytes of client data ingested monthly. Certified and regularly audited, data centers are monitored 24-7-365 by our global network operations team.

Commitment to Innovation Logo

Commitment to Innovation

Over 100 product & engineering experts worldwide develop software that leverage our experience borne from serving thousands of client matters engagements – all focused on improving client experience, workflow efficiency and cost reduction.

Data Security Icon

Data Security

Our Information Security Team including our Chief Information Security Officer sets, trains and certifies adherence to data policies, audits our environments for data security, and responds to your data security needs.

Better Review Software

Consilio Complete Flex offers the choice of two market-leading review platforms to support your workflows. Available per-matter or as a standardized selection, choose between our enriched Relativity hosting experience or our proprietary Sightline eDiscovery platform.

Insights on Complete Flex

Complete Flex

Learn more about our complete flex solution or discuss your specific needs with our experts.