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Combining best-in-class legal analytics expertise with applied technologies and workflows to uncover relevant data, reduce costs, and improve work product quality

  • Proven team-based approach combining legal & technology expertise to applied analytics
  • Consultative approach with global presence to meet specific regional- and matter-based requirements
  • Machine learning & augmented intelligence to improve data culling, review quality & speed, identify custodians & languages & more

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Data volumes continue to grow to an expected 175 zettabytes worldwide by 2025. That data is increasingly unstructured, complex, multilingual, and rich with metadata. As legal and regulatory issues continue to mount, the legal community is slowly looking to the potential leverage of artificial intelligence and machine learning to reduce costs, increase quality of work product, and uncover insights under mountains of data.

By combining deep legal & technology expertise, Consilio delivers practical, defensible applied analytics outcomes to matters of all sizes for clients worldwide. From large volumes of internal investigations to multi-party class action matters, Consilio’s analytics team brings a collaborative team-based approach to help solve legal challenges for clients. This unique and proven approach applies team members with both legal and technical expertise to identify relevant data, reduce costs and increase review efficiency.

The Complete Intelligence Difference – Service

  • Unique team-based approach with both legal & technical expertise – Comprised of individuals with both legal and technical expertise, we apply a proven blend of applied knowledge to identify relevant data, reduce costs and increase review efficiency.
  • Leverage best-in-class analytics ideas and workflows developed over 10+ years and thousands of engagements for matters of all sizes – including application of TAR 1/2.0 and ICA (Immediate Case Assessment).
  • Global presence brings analytics expertise geographically distributed across 11 countries worldwide to serve client needs when and where needed.
  • Early and actionable insights on data volumes with Immediate Case Assessment – Identify the patterns or gaps in collected data, remove irrelevant information, and isolate hot documents in order to prioritize reviews for efficiency and work product quality.
  • Review workflow consulting services to assist Counsel in reducing review costs while increasing quality and productivity. Specialized consulting reviews can include PII identification / redaction, GDPR / CCPA, technical or cross-border reviews.

Complete Intelligence

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The Complete Intelligence Difference – Technology

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Brainspace-enabled machine learning & augmented intelligence and Relativity’s Active Learning application

Brainspace-enabled machine learning & augmented intelligence and Relativity’s Active Learning application to improve data culling and help accelerate reviews through TAR projects.

Intelligence Analytics

Relativity Analytics engine for structured analytics

Relativity Analytics engine for structured analytics including but not limited to threading, near dupe, language identification and repeated content filtering.
Language ID Icon

Language identification

Language identification covering over 80 primary and secondary languages including CJK within a documents textual content.  Automated smart file filtering and robust reporting efficiently delivers insights into a dataset quickly.
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Unified workspaces for Immediate Case Assessment (ICA) and review

Unified workspaces for Immediate Case Assessment (ICA) and review speeds and simplifies the process to cull data and promote documents to review population.

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Efficient audio phonetic indexing

Efficient audio phonetic indexing to enable reviewers to search and find specific instances of spoken words for review, coding or redaction. For more see, Complete Audio.

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Clear insights on data volumes, review progress & productivity, coding decisions, and search hits

Clear insights on data volumes, review progress & productivity, coding decisions, and search hits with our Complete Intelligence Reporting Portal.

Complete Intelligence Service Capabilities

Complete Intelligence

Case Study

Healthcare Market Dynamic-Changing Second Request

Eight sizeable healthcare entities undergoing regulatory scrutinization of a merger transaction – a deal described as the most significant change to the structure of the subject state’s healthcare market in decades – sought Consilio’s world-renowned expertise to solve collection, processing, data analytics, review and production challenges in a monumental Second Request antitrust investigation. Facing immutable, cursory production deadlines, Consilio deployed leading-edge strategies to commandeer roughly 20 million records for 110 custodians; championed a customized, multifaceted TAR masterplan to probe the inordinate population; and promptly produced 5 million+ records to the U.S. federal government. Harnessing predictive coding and other attuned data analytics and review expediencies, Consilio executed complex, parallel machine-learning analyses, excavating relevant files for production within each entities’ conceptually distinct data corpus, and defensibly triumphing 80% recall demands at government-injuncted statistical prerequisites. Despite high richness levels typical of Second Requests, Consilio secured timely productions and appreciably diminished litigation overhead by culling over four million documents from human review, all while necessitating subject matter expert review of only a mere fraction of a percent of the TAR-eligible population in their potent algorithm-training process.

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