Expert-supported, defensible and accurate ESI collection and processing to ensure robust source capture, quality, and accuracy. 

  • Accurately transfer data using an expert-designed process from sources such as cloud-based collaboration, data stores, mobile & financial chat platforms
  • Reduce speed-to-review and increase review efficiency & usability with proven workflows in Relativity or Consilio’s award-winning Sightline review platform
  • Increase organizational compliance with discovery requests while unlocking additional value-added capabilities under the Consilio Complete experience

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By 2025, over 85% of organizations will store their data primarily in the cloud, and over 95% of work their
employees produce will be cloud-native. This growth of cloud-based platforms –from computing and
file storage to collaboration and media sharing– has significant impacts on investigation and discovery
workflows for legal teams. The uniqueness of each source adds varied complexity during collection,
processing, review that could further muddle signal from the noise. Consilio Complete Connector
offers an expert-driven solution for defensible, accurate ESI collection and processing while ensuring
seamless review in Relativity or Consilio’s award-winning Sightline eDiscovery platform.

 Engage Complex Cloud-Based Sources with a Robust, Proven Solution 

 Consilio’s end-to-end solution enables a robust and accurate capture and processing of cloud-based platforms to increase data quality, reduce cost and risk. Consilio Complete Connector delivers: 

Proven Cloud-Based ESI Data Expertise

 Proven Cloud-Based ESI Data Expertise – From Microsoft 365 and Teams to Skype and Slack, each platform has inherent features in data storage, format, licensing and export that no one technology captures from accurately every time. Consilio experts deeply understand these nuances through hundreds of matters served and have evolved refinements into our Complete Connector. 

Increase Speed-To-Review and Review Efficiency

 Increase speed-to-review and review efficiency by directly connecting to a Microsoft 365 Outlook mailbox from Consilio’s award-winning Sightline platform. Sightline’s new Collections workflow gives you a configurable collection, including specifying folder, date, and keyword filters of custodian data directly from an M365 Outlook mailbox. 

Collect and Process Data into Relativity

Collect and process data into Relativity for a more familiar eDiscovery experience. Complete Connector’s expert-driven workflow supports your choice of eDiscovery platform preference. 

Increase Compliance Assurance

Increase compliance assurance – Aid in discovery and investigations, lawsuits, and audits while ensuring compliance with regulations mandating collections completeness – including Data Subject Access Requests, SEC rule 17-a4, CFTC rule 1.31, Dodd-Frank, FINRA, and other regulatory agency requirements.

Multilingual & Global Support

Multilingual & Global Support – Collaboration, mobile chat, messaging data and workflows can be adapted to any language, including CJK. Our certified & audited global infrastructure conforms to regional data privacy & security regulations. 

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Complete Connector

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