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Large Volumes of Small Matters

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From work product reuse to scalable document review & coding to increase efficiency and reduce costs, Consilio brings practical workflow & technology solutions for handling large volumes of small matters effectively.

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Representative Large Volumes of Small Matters Expertise

Employee relations.  Data subject access requests.  Contract reviews.  Mandatory arbitration negotiations.  These are among the volumes of small matters that often reach critical status for normal operations in a legal department.  Failure to develop a mature, efficient workflow leveraging best available tool sets will invariably continue to add overhead legal costs, delay successful outcomes, and increase overall risks.

Consilio regularly engages with law firms and corporations to implement strategies to effectively address large volumes of small matters.  Our expert consultants understand the ins-and-outs of small matters and how to negate the pitfalls and risks associated with missteps.  Technology solutions, like Sightline, enable ease-of-use when uploading, reviewing, and dispositioning data quickly.  Our managed services capabilities provide law firms and corporations with a scalable and flex solution to assist your team in any stage needed in the eDiscovery process – from collections to document review to productions.

Specialized approaches to managing large volumes of small matters

  • Deep expertise working with law firm and corporate clients responding to large volumes of investigations — from FCPA and FERPA to employee relations.

  • Sightline, our proprietary end-to-end eDiscovery platform supports your entire large volume of small matters with easy-to-use drag-and-drop processing, smart and efficient review, and analytics-driven investigative tools.

  • Riskcovery, our AI-driven portable analytics platform, connects to popular data sources (like Dropbox®, O365™, and SharePoint®), ingest collected data sets to allow investigators of large volumes of small matters to identify risk, expand and, narrow topics of interest.

  • Managed Services allow you to custom-design a scalable support solution and easily adjust between full-service and self-service service delivery depending on your needs just-in-time.

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Large Volumes of Small Matters

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