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Audio Processing & Review

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Overcome audio challenges with proven solutions to process, search, review, and produce quality audio work product efficiently

  • Intuitively process, search, and review audio — fully supported by experienced Project Managers
  • Phonetically-search words or phrases of interest, locating exact moments spoken in audio
  • Interactively and visually explore and investigate audio streams – easily trimming or redacting where needed
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Proven Audio Processing & Review Expertise

Today, more than ever, institutions create and preserve massive amounts of audio data from trade floor recordings, stored voicemails and other sources. With this data discoverable in litigation and regulatory investigations, significant challenges arise for corporations and their external counsel due to the sheer size and proprietary formatting of audio files.

Ordinary solutions to conduct traditional linear reviews of audio files are no longer acceptable as file counts and audio hours increase along with corresponding review costs.  Consilio’s audio review solutions are purpose designed to meet these challenges, based on years of supporting some of the largest global corporations, their external counsel and the audio content of their matters.

Consilio’s Proprietary Audio Review Capability
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  • Proven Audio Expertise – From conference calls to trading desks, we have been engaged on audio matters of all sizes and types globally.

  • Efficient, Robust Processing – Our flexible global infrastructure can quickly process all common audio file types.
  • Phonetic Indexing & Searching – All audio files are phonetically-indexed – converting spoken words into text equivalents.  Users can search for terms and scrub to specific moments search hits are spoken.
  • Processed Audio Trimming – Audio files can be optionally trimmed to remove non-talk portions of audio files to increase review efficiency.
  • User Friendly Review Experience – Audio review experience includes a waveform where users can easily spot non-talk portions of audio, controls to scrub to specific spots or increase/lower playback speeds.
  • Experienced Audio Project Support – Project managers leverage deep expertise with audio matters to consult clients on how to achieve the best results from technology and ensure audio reviews stay on track.

  • Global Deployment – Processing & review capabilities are pre-deployed on our global infrastructure, ready to respond to matters of all sizes.

Audio Processing & Review

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