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Representative Review Efficiency & Quality Expertise

Document review is the most expensive and time-consuming component of any eDiscovery exercise. Seventy-three percent of all eDiscovery costs are attributed to review1, with larger data sets and more complex data types driving the costs even higher. To combat the escalating expense of document review, corporations and their outside counsel often seek approaches that lower costs without sacrificing quality, timeliness, or defensibility.

Consilio meets these demands by blending our global network of in-region review experts, proven review workflows, flexible and secure technology infrastructure along with our network of thousands of screened legal professionals capable of quickly staffing the review with the right resources. Clients, depending on their internal or legally mandated requirements, can choose from any of our review centers or establish a temporary on-premise review center at any desired location. With over 16+ years of proven review management expertise over thousands of engagements, Consilio is consistently trusted to solve for the toughest review challenges and deliver.

  • Local Review Expertise, Around the Globe – Our global review team is lead by over 75 full time manager who have chosen a career in eDiscovery.  Team has proven expertise guiding clients on best-in-class review workflows, tools & practice while meeting specific local requirements.

  • Specialty review services and tools supporting PII / privacy reviews, privileged log redaction, deposition prep, foreign language, specialty industry expertise and audio reviews to increase efficiency and quality for these high volume and/or challenging matters.

  • Industry leading use of technology, analytics and experience to ensure consistently high quality work product while also using process controls to consult and guide client and counsel QC teams to achieve the most efficient use of their time.

  • Value-based Training & Collaboration Methodology – Review and project managers maintain a strong training culture with reviewers and deep collaboration with clients / outside counsel to eliminate waste and create efficiency to lower overall costs.

  • Integrated Analytics Review Workflows – Tightly-integrated Review + Analytics (TAR1/TAR2) workflows and proven results.

  • Industry-Specific Expertise – Dedicated case teams with industry specific experience lead our clients reviews.  Supplemental trainings for all our review teams on how to recognize and protect Source Code, PII, customer information, patent applications and unannounced products.

  • Performance transparency – Delivered through timely and consistent reporting on progress of reviews — from application of work product to reviewer efficiency — to effectively manage review productivity and quality.

  • Scalable review infrastructure – Designed for reviewer productivity and scale and able to cover the largest cases in all industries with review capabilities available in 20+ countries worldwide.  Industry-leading physical and data security at all review facilities.

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Review Efficiency & Quality

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