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Representative Financial Services & Banking Expertise

Global financial institutions are increasingly affected by macro trends driving eDiscovery risks and costs higher.   Increased litigation and dispute exposure globally has seen an increase of matters exposed to eDiscovery.  Expanding data volumes and diverse structured and unstructured text, audio, video and multilingual data significantly adds complexity.  Heightened data security and privacy regulations compound the negotiation of cross-border matters common to multinational institutions.

Effectively addressing these legal challenges requires more than eDiscovery competency.  It requires a deep understanding of matters specific to financial institutions and the mastery of the workflows and technologies to directly address them.  Consilio has worked with over 100 financial services firms worldwide and engaged on hundreds of matters — each employing proven expertise, tools, and processes required to directly address our clients’ needs.

About the Consilio Financial Services Vertical

Consilio’s Financial Services Vertical is a strategic and organizational approach that aligns Consilio experience and knowledge to the benefit of clients.  Working closely with many of the world’s largest global financial institutions, the Vertical, with the tagline “Powered by Knowledge”, also facilitates opportunities for clients to gain knowledge from one another.

Our goal is not only to deliver an outstanding client experience but also to offer you access to our collective expertise on every project. In addition, we will focus on creating opportunities for you to benchmark your processes, ideas, and concerns off of each other.

Internally, we do this through a laser focus on knowledge sharing, using real world examples to educate our team members weekly and monthly on practical issues we encounter with each client member every day in domains such as mobile devices, audio, M365 considerations, Bloomberg data, AEP encryption, and on. Externally, we enable knowledge sharing through our Monthly Financial Services Client Bulletin, our twice-yearly Financial Services Client Roundtable, and our monthly Financial Services Client Working Groups, as well as through our everyday interactions with your teams.

Specialized expertise handling eDiscovery for Financial Services & Banking clients

  • Global secure data centers are ISO-certified and regularly pass audits conducted by our Financial Services clients.

  • Top-of-industry financial services expertise handling sensitive and time-critical matters including large Managed Services engagements, FCPA investigations, Second Requests and internal investigations.

  • Our global data infrastructure and review environments can be custom-configured to match your cross-border data needs.

  • Project management teams are strategically-located across time zones provide critical coverage when timelines are tight.

  • Flexible support solutions can be specifically designed to meet full- or partial-support of your entire eDiscovery and Document Review workflows.

  • Heavily enhanced technology platforms offer capabilities for investigations, legal hold, eDiscovery, document review, spend management, and more.

Managed Services for Large Global Bank Recovers Lost Efficiencies and Workproduct Quality

Consilio Case Study

The Issue

Large global bank was experiencing excessive waste, lost man-hours and unclear value due to inconsistencies in process, project outcomes, cost structures and expertise across a multitude of vendors.

Our Approach

Our specialists devised a client-specific, managed service solution with processes that accommodated:

  • Leverage of Brainspace™ by internal counsel for investigations
  • 3rd party subpoena workflows w/ no outside counsel
  • 95% consistency standard of review for all India-based review resources
  • Contract and workflow flexibility to accommodate changes under the managed service flag

The Results

Successfully delivered on 3-year global managed service contract with very high referenceable client satisfaction.

Consilio’s dedicated team managed:

  • 150 engagements / projects
  • 30 terabytes of data processed
  • 25 terabytes of data hosted
  • 1.5 million documents reviewed by Consilio reviewers

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Financial Services & Banking

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