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Beyond just software, Sightline by Consilio is modern, enterprise eDiscovery & legal hold designed to help your team succeed.  Trusted by global law firms, corporations, and governmental organizations, Sightline offers an intuitive discovery & legal hold solution combined with a world-class client experience that delivers quality and efficiency while also controlling costs.  

Navigating matters of all sizes and workflows is easy in Sightline.  Our analytics and AI capabilities are built in, not bolted on, to enhance your efficiency through your entire matter lifecycle.  To get to productivity quickly, we offer quick start guides, comprehensive on-boarding, and extended services to empower your team to create projects, upload data and manage your legal workflows efficiently and securely from start to finish.

Why Sightline?

Complete coverage for all legal workflows. No cut corners.

With more than a decade of experience developing innovative legal technology software, Sightline’s modern user experience, and intelligent end-to-end automation is designed to flex well for all matter types, data volumes, and team sizes.

Backed by an award-winning client experience.

We never ask clients to choose between a top-rated technology platform and a world-class client experience.

Intelligent by design.

Moving beyond the hype of technical jargon and acronyms, Sightline’s philosophy of “Analytics for All” unlocks the leverage of always-on analytics and AI at just the right touch points.

Trusted to perform.

Sightline is hosted on Consilio’s secured private hosted infrastructure, not on the public cloud.

Sightline for

Complete enterprise-grade coverage for all legal workflows.  No cut corners.  Fully supported.

As the global leader in legal solutions and more than a decade of experience, we’ve learned a thing or two about how legal workflows actually work.  Sightline incorporates these best practices into a fresh, modern user experience trusted to flex well for all matter types, data volumes, and team sizes.

  Legal Holds

Sightline Legal Hold efficiently handles legal hold workflows with a purpose-built application emphasizing workflow flexibility, data synchronization, automation, and reporting accuracy.

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   Small Matters

With a powerfully fast user experience and workflow tools, Sightline is designed to help legal teams efficiently manage high volume of small matters.

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Sightline for Investigations efficiently handles investigatory & compliance workflows with purpose-built tools to gather and analyze data then quickly identify and package actionable facts.

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   Litigation / eDiscovery

With a customizable user experience, workflow automation and review productivity tools, Sightline is designed to help teams quickly move through discovery.

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Upload and Process Data Effortlessly

Choose the data collection / upload process that works for your team.  Connect to M365 and scope a mailbox collection. Easily drag-and-drop process and upload loose eFiles or archives or use our desktop uploader for faster speeds.  Ingest and map third-party productions. Need more support? Consilio experts can handle your data handling so you can take action quickly.

Kick Off New Projects Quickly And From Your Own Template

For matters that follow similar workflow patterns – such as Subpoena responses, employment issues, etc. – you can now use any existing project as a template for new projects to save time on new project setups. Doing so will create equivalent Security Groups, Tags, Coding Forms, Production templates, Assignments, Users, Saved Searches and more from the existing project in the new project – saving valuable time and utilizing best practice workflows for each new matter.

Search Powered by Analytics

Search results in Sightline are powered by analytics unlike any other eDiscovery software. In the search results, Sightline shows you what documents should be reviewed alongside your pure hit results and family members in order to optimize culling, coding speed and review quality. See more about how Sightline delivers smarter reviews through search.

Review and Redact Faster

Review and redact text, audio, and video with ease.   Speed coding features such as Code Same as Last, Coding Stamps, Code Sync and Optimized Sorting, as well as progressive-build Coding Forms, Redaction Tag memory and more help your review team get through their batches faster in Sightline.

Create Fully-Customizable Batch Prints and Productions

Sightline’s built-in productions capabilities are designed to exceed expectations. With significant control and flexibility without sacrificing speed and quality as well as end-to-end automation, make production issues a thing of the past.


Sightline for Early Case Assessment helps your team respond effectively with smart tools to assess data quickly to identify actionable facts.

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  PII/PHI Detection & Review

With a customizable user experience, workflow automation and review productivity tools, Sightline is designed to help teams quickly identify, classify and redact PII/PHI.

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  Multimedia Reviews

With specialized processing, an enhanced multimedia review experience, and more, Sightline is designed to help teams quickly navigate the unique challenges posed by audio and video.

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 Regulatory Response

With a powerful, customizable user experience, workflow, and review productivity tools, Sightline is designed to help teams meet regulator’s substantive & deadline requirements.

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Cyber Incident Response

With a customizable user experience, workflow automation and review productivity tools, Sightline is designed to help teams quickly meet cyber incident response obligations.

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With a customizable user experience, project templates, and smart search/batch redaction capabilities, Sightline adds efficiency and automation to help teams scale Data Subject Access Request workflows.

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You’re in good company.

Big law to corporations globally trust Sightline by Consilio to power legal workflows.

Simple ingestion process. Quick to get up and running. It’s a modern tool compared to some of the other review resources in the market.

In-House Legal Support
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“Sightline has an amazing amount of features and can perform sophisticated searches and functions”.

Law Firm Litigation Technologist
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“The most versatile and effective review platform I have used.”

Mid-Market Corporate Legal User
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Best-in-class, award-winning service and support from the global leader in eDiscovery.

When you choose Sightline by Consilio, you benefit from a strategic partner committed to your success with expertise solving for the toughest challenges. We do this by offering:
  • Dedicated Client Success Managers support you from onboarding and training through maximizing your Sightline investment.
  • Sightline-certified Project Managers working as experienced extensions of your own team – able to support you no matter the task.
  • Seamlessly integrated support services offer bandwidth available on demand at a reasonable cost.
  • Secure, private hosted infrastructure provides peace of mind that you and your client’s data are in good hands.
  • Self- or Full-service options provide you with support flexibility across regions, matter types, or individual projects.