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The eDiscovery platform without compromises

Support your entire matter lifecycle with early case exploration, analytics-driven data investigation and smart end-to-end review in a unified platform trusted to perform. It’s time to take a different perspective on eDiscovery.

Designed for your needs

The era of software out of sync with your needs is over.  Sightline is designed from the ground up to help solve your toughest challenges around efficiency, cost savings, technology adoption and insights.  Learn more about client-driven innovation.

Built to handle today’s matters

Cull more documents, find those that matter and review them faster.  Customize the best review experience, manage assignments on your terms and get reports in hand and out to your team — without a service call.  See how else Sightline is built for today’s matters.

Move faster, move better with Analytics

Why settle for processing wait times, service calls, extra costs and inadequate answers?  Sightline integrates the power of analytics into workflows designed to faster insights, drive smarter reviews – all built into our standard license.  Explore how Sightline helps fulfill the power of analytics.

Performance you can trust.

Rely on a decade of experience building and supporting software serving our clients’ largest and most complex projects.  Learn how else Sightline is trusted to perform.

Control costs. Work efficiently. Get results.

Sightline integrates innovative tools at each stage of your project — helping your case teams work more efficiently and reduce costs.

Processing / Ingestion

Processing / Ingestion

  • Data augmentation to enable better searching
  • Automated loading of data
  • Automated QC
  • All data is analyzed, improving downstream culling



  • Remove Non-Responsive Documents via Tally, Timeline, Concept Explorer, Search Term Reports
  • Cull by augmented metadata



  • Keep threads and near dupes together
  • Families and thread group not broken
  • Optimized sorting of review documents
  • Customizable coding forms with validations
  • Cluster results to eliminate non-responsive Documents
  • “Find More Like These” Categorization



  • One-click code same as last
  • One-click coding stamps
  • CodeSync/code at once
  • Tag whole threads
  • Tag whole families
  • Compare near dupes
  • Manage reviewer productivity
  • Spot QC issues in Tally


An intuitive, powerful tool set designed to drive your workflow with efficiency and precision.

eDiscovery is complex and difficult.  Technology should work to reduce the burden, not add to it.  Sightline helps case teams be more efficient with their eDiscovery workflows – to cull more, prioritize better and review faster with lower cost – taking the stress out of eDiscovery.

Search results in Sightline are designed with efficiency in mind.  Leveraging the power of analytics, Sightline shows you what documents can be reviewed together with your pure hit results to optimize culling, coding speed and quality.  See more about how Sightline delivers smarter reviews through search.

For review managers, knowing a review’s progress, activity levels and outcomes should not be mysteries to solve for. Sightline is different from other eDiscovery software platform by making everything about your review transparent, with reports that are customizable and shareable – without the need for service calls – so case teams are no longer in the dark.  Explore how Sightline works to demystify your review.

Each matter is unique, so case teams need the ability to customize the project database to meet their needs. In Sightline, administrators have full control to manage their users and user access, assignment batches, document populations, coding forms, persisted keyword highlighting and more to tailor the experience to the unique needs of your project and maximize efficiency.  Learn more about flexible administrative tools for eDiscovery in Sightline.

Whether it’s using our full do-it-yourself configuration capabilities – uploading your own searches, managing your own users, running your own reports – or leveraging our experienced project managers, Sightline provides the flexibility to work the way you want to.  Learn more about doing more (or do it all) in Sightline.

ECA / Data Exploration

Advanced ECA tools are directly integrated in a single, unified platform so you can cull more, prioritize smarter and start your project off right.

  • Quickly spot patterns in email communications
  • Understand key concepts within any subpopulation of documents
  • Identify gaps in collections
  • Find other valuable documents quickly
  • Rapidly cull nonresponsive material
  • Perfect your search quality


Sightline enables investigation workflows by delivering critical answers to case teams quickly — without additional wait times, fees or service calls.

  • Find related documents using key documents quickly & effortlessly
  • Significantly identify and cull non-responsive documents
  • Quickly focus to specific dates, custodians, email addresses or other fields of interest
  • Visualize communications on a timeline then select for action

Trusted by the world’s largest corporations and law firms

From ISO-certified secure hosting facilities to in-platform features that support privacy and joint-defense reviews, Sightline is built a team with over a decade of practical expertise building and supporting eDiscovery software for the world’s most complex matters.

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