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Specialized expertise, tools, and processes to assist technology, media, and telecommunication companies and their counsel prepare an accurate, cost-effective response to legal matters — from multi-jurisdiction regulator response to intellectual property claims.

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Representative Technology, Media & Telecommunications Expertise

From cross-border data privacy and security challenges by regulators to anti-trust / competition inquiries touching the high levels of senior leadership, technology, media & telecommunications companies today are exposed to more scrutiny than ever as regulatory and consumer demands change. As a proven, trusted partner that understands specific needs of the technology industry, Consilio has worked with over 100 different technology companies over the past 5 years, handling over 1,000 industry-specific engagements, including forensic collection, discovery consulting, legal department consulting, and over 450+ eDiscovery and document engagements.

Proven Expertise across Matters Common to Technology, Media & Telecommunications Companies


  • Patent
  • USITC & Companion Cases
  • Consumer Class Actions & Multi-district Litigation (MDLs)


  • Anti-Trust, Pricing & Competition

  • IP / Trade Secrets

  • Sexual Harassment

  • Field Audits

  • Tax & Insurance

Due Diligence

  • M&A Acquisition Risk

  • Hart-Scott-Rodino

  • TFEU (Art. 101 & 102)

  • Cross-Border Transactions

  • Departed Employee Protocol

Specialized expertise handling complex eDiscovery issues for Technology, Media, and Telecommunications companies globally

The confluence of intellectual property, broad collection and distribution of data, and broad consumer & data privacy impacts expose technology companies to a unique mix of challenges, unlike other industries. The global scale of technology companies and the crossing of geographic and regulatory boundaries only compounds these impacts. Through our repeat engagements with technology firms, Consilio has evolved a series of competencies that consistently meet the high-stakes challenges these clients bring.
  • Specialized review teams specifically developed with evolved workflows and procedures to meet client challenges with high-stakes, sensitive reviews.

  • Consulting, analyzing, and addressing challenges with unique data formats – a normal course of business for technology firms – in processing and review.

  • Leveraging search term analytics and technology-assisted review (TAR) workflows to help eliminate large volumes of documents from review to help eliminate and/or prioritize large volumes of documents for review.

  • Applied privacy screens and redaction workflows to identify and protect data – critically important in today’s environment.

  • Ability to leverage consistent teams of reviewers with experience working with specific client documents – continuing to refine an understanding of the custodians, content and any unique doc types.

Large Technology Matter Response

Consilio Case Study

The Issue

A microchip manufacturer sought Consilio’s assistance with an FTC anti-trust probe spanning 25 custodians and five years worth of data.

Our Approach

Facing a population under a review of over 5.6 million documents, Consilio proposed a TAR 1.0 workflow that garnered FTC approval. This included a categorical analysis prior to TAR modeling, where Consilio identified and removed from review over 400,000 unreviewable or categorically non-responsive documents. Facing a tight discovery timeline, Consilio managed the TAR training process while collections were on-going, causing data to be added for analysis on a regular basis. At the conclusion of the TAR process, the FTC challenged Counsel’s proposed recall level and suggested through a novel statistical analysis that a high (80%) recall level was appropriate in the matter. Consilio, after a thorough examination of the FTC’s position and analysis, countered with its own statistical and graphical analysis, supporting the client’s claim that a lower recall level (and smaller overall review volume) offered a better balance of precision and F-score. Using these analyses, the client was able to negotiate a more favorable recall rate.

The Results

At the conclusion of the TAR modeling and training for this phase of the litigation, Consilio was able to leverage Brainspace to remove over 2.6 million documents from production and privilege review.

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Technology, Media & Telecoms

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