Comprehensive legal AI & analytics solutions to uncover relevant data, reduce costs, and improve work product quality.

  • Empower your team from a suite of AI solutions, ranging from established machine learning workflows to innovative generative technologies
  • Further streamline legal workflows and control costs with a full- or self-service deployment AI to meet your adoption goals
  • Unlock the full potential of AI with comprehensive onboarding, training, knowledge sharing, and solution support

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GenAI and Machine Learning from the Trusted Leader in eDiscovery

Today, organizations face escalating risks and costs from surging data volumes and complexity to the ever tightening litigation, data privacy and regulatory environment. Traditional means of relying on human capital, conventional technologies, and basic legal workflows are increasingly insufficient.

Building on a decade of expertise in advanced legal machine learning expertise, Consilio Complete AI offers clients customizable AI-enhanced solutions designed to navigate the complexities of investigations, discovery, and compliance workflows while increasing efficiency and controlling costs.

Meet the Complete AI suite

From large volumes of internal investigations to multi-party class action matters, Consilio delivers defensible applied AI-enhanced outcomes to matters of all sizes for clients worldwide.

Investigate, Summarize, and Review with Confidence

Evolve legal document handling and risk assessment and optimize key phases of the legal process.

Identify Privilege Faster

Streamline privilege detection, enhancing cost-efficiency and mitigating risk in privilege review through precise AI technology and expert-driven, defensible workflows. Elevate the security of sensitive documents with improved AI scoring, speed up review by identifying likely privileged documents for prompt and precise decisions.

Identify & Redact Sensitive Data Faster

With increasing cyber threats and stringent data privacy regulations, Sensitive Data offers an AI-powered identification, redaction, and encryption of PII across a multitude of data sources – streamlining compliance and significantly reducing the risk and costs associated with inadvertent data exposure.

Focus on What Matters First

Optimize the review process by strategically sequencing documents according to their relevance, guaranteeing that vital information is identified promptly. This approach prioritizes the examination of the most pertinent documents, ensuring that key data is surfaced at the earliest stages of review.

Uncover Understanding from Data

Enhance eDiscovery by analyzing and grouping documents based on the underlying ideas they present, rather than solely on keywords. This method provides a more profound understanding, revealing patterns and themes that conventional searches might overlook.

Early Insights on Risk & Cost

Streamline the initial phase of legal proceedings by enabling teams to gauge their case’s merits, forecast costs, and strategize effectively, all through an initial analysis of available digital data.

Make Coding Decisions Faster

Leverage algorithms to determine document relevance in a case, using a sample of reviewed documents to guide the assessment. Choose from TAR 1.0 and TAR 2.0 workflows guided by legal experts experienced in applied machine learning techniques.

Complete AI

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AI with Integrity – Consilio Responsible Approach to Legal AI

Consilio, together with our clients and the broader legal community, is working continually to develop responsible AI-enhanced solutions built on a foundation of responsibility, trust, and safety.  Our core principles include:

Through these measures, Consilio is not just addressing the inherent challenges of generative AI but is also setting industry standards for responsible, ethical, and effective AI deployment.

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