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Proven, defensible approaches to uncover relevant data, reduce review costs, and increase work product quality — all driven by teams that combine legal expertise with applied technologies and practices.

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Representative Application of AI / TAR / Analytics Expertise

Data volumes continue to grow to an expected 175 zettabytes worldwide by 2025.  That data is increasingly unstructured, complex, multilingual and rich with metadata.  As legal and regulatory issues continue to mount, the legal community is slowly looking to the potential leverage of artificial intelligence and machine learning to reduce costs, increase quality of work product, and uncover insights under mountains of data.

Consilio delivers practical, defensible applied analytics expertise to matters of all sizes for clients worldwide.  From large volumes of internal investigations to multi-party class action matters, Consilio’s analytics teams bring a collaborative team-based approach to help solve legal challenges for clients.   This unique and proven approach to analytics combines legal expertise of attorneys on our Analytics team with the technology expertise of computer programmers / engineers, often sitting side-by-side to identify relevant data, reduce costs and increase review efficiency.

  • Team-based approach brings together legal expertise with computer science engineering on your matter.

  • Leverage best-in-class analytics ideas and workflows developed over 10+ years and thousands of engagements for matters of all sizes.

  • Global presence brings analytics expertise geographically distributed across 11 cities worldwide to serve client needs when and where needed.

  • Early and actionable insights on data volumes with Immediate Case Assessment.  Identify the patterns or gaps in collected data, remove irrelevant information, and isolate hot documents in order to prioritize reviews for efficiency and work product quality.

  • Review workflow consulting services to assist Counsel in reducing review costs while increasing quality and productivity.  Specialized consulting reviews can include PII identification / redaction, GDPR, technical or cross-border reviews.

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Application of AI / TAR / Analytics

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