Advanced Data Analytics Utilized to Meet Swiftly Approaching Deadline

A multi-party arbitration in the UK required assistance with a documentary evidence request. Utilizing Relativity, the process required 40 hours and produced the necessary result to meet the courts deadline.

Client Challenge

A large law firm involved in a multi-party construction arbitration in London required assistance with 55 documentary evidence requests (referred to as Redfern Requests in the UK), which had fallen far down on their task list, but whose deadline was swiftly approaching.

Consilio Response

Consilio crafted the search parameters using keywords, filters, and advanced data analytics in Relativity such as concept searching. The entire process for 55 searches required 40 hours versus the approximate 200 hours it would have taken the client’s internal resource, which would have resulted in the client missing their deadline.

Results Achieved

Because of the Consilio team’s expertise in developing search protocols, the client’s documents were produced to meet the deadline and were successfully used in court to object to some of the evidence requests. When providing the remaining agreed responses, Consilio Project Managers could easily search for documents that were responsive and relevant to each request and create searchable PDF bundles of documents per issue.

Company Profile

Large Law Firm

Services Utilized