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Anti-Trust & Pricing

Proven discovery expertise assisting law firm and corporate clients responding to anti-trust and pricing regulator inquiries such as U.S. Second Requests and U.K. Competition and Markets Authority Investigations.

  • Global data forensics and processing expertise handling highly-sensitive, time-constrained matters
  • Deep expertise in applying analytics to improve targeting of relevant documents, protection of privileged, personal, or proprietary information, and reduction of review volume
  • Experienced project management, globally located, to mitigate extreme timelines
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Representative Anti-Trust & Pricing Expertise

The significant evolution and consolidation of business and streamlined business practices globally have been the recipient of increased scrutiny by anti-trust and pricing regulatory bodies across the globe.  Today’s global multinational businesses are often the recipient of complex inquiries related to investigations — at times coordinating with multiple authorities — all require compliance with tight timelines and a high degree of quality.  Law firms and corporations must be highly selective of vendor partners engaged on these sensitive matters where only the right blend of rigorous workflow, global capability, technical knowhow and significant resources can deliver.  Failure to do so invites significant risk exposure and costs — either directly or through massive judgements — to clients.

Consilio has proven expertise in assisting clients and counsels through many of the complexities of this often challenging process:

  • Expertise delivering productions to scope mandated by regulatory bodies with no meet and confer – Consilio experts often engage with clients to conduct extensive data analysis and case assessment to estimate timeline, cost, and issue impacts on scope predetermined by regulators.

  • Coordinated end-to-end project response under tight timelines – An anti-trust or pricing inquiry will often involve large volume productions of documents collected from numerous custodians related to financial, product and manufacturing details, industry participants and competitors, business plans, strategies, sales data, and other information related to the assumption of pricing, merger or acquisition activity.  Consilio experts, from collections and forensics to data operations, project or review management deliver through robust workflows, communication and collaboration protocols to minimize missteps, risk and costs.

  • End-to-end handling of complex, sensitive document sets – Anti-trust and/or pricing inquiries often involve complex data types or documents covering financial projections, technology deployments, audio and video, and messaging & collaboration platforms.  Consilio technology infrastructure is well suited for handling complex data types while our review teams and platforms are purpose designed to make complex data available for analytics analysis, searching, reviewing, applying work product or delivery of productions.

  • Strategically-located experienced Project Management teams – Inquiries into companies of nearly every industry have international implications.  Consilio project teams are strategically located to assist in overseeing complex workflows and custom client processes while staying compliant with local data privacy, security, and secrets laws.  For projects requiring enhanced support, robust timezone hand off procedures and shared responsibility ensure continual progress during clients’ off hours.

  • Experienced team-based approach to analytics — mitigating timelines, controlling costs and risk – Consilio’s best-in-class proven team-based approach to Analytics combines legal expertise (with 14+ attorneys on staff) with technology expertise (with 4+ computer programmers on staff) to identify relevant data, reduce costs, and increase review efficiency when responding to anti-trust and pricing inquiries.

eDiscovery Expertise Enables Faster Production for High-Stakes Second Request

Consilio Case Study

The Issue

A large telecommunications corporation involved in a merger investigation needed document collection, processing, hosting, review and production services for a large-scale and high-stakes second request antitrust matter.

Our Approach

Our specialists devised a client-specific, managed service solution with processes that accommodated:

  • Leverage of Brainspace™ by internal counsel for investigations
  • 3rd party subpoena workflows w/ no outside counsel
  • 95% consistency standard of review for all India-based review resources
  • Contract and workflow flexibility to accommodated changes under the managed service flag

The Results

Following the two-month review and Consilio’s successful production of documents, the need for an additional quick-turnaround production required immediately bringing back 40 of the original team’s review attorneys. This review team worked for seven straight days to ensure that all deadlines were successfully met on time and on budget.

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Anti-Trust & Pricing

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