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Trusted by the world’s largest insurance and reinsurance companies to help solve their toughest discovery challenges

  • Deep expertise assisting insurance companies with eDiscovery and law department operations
  • ISO-certified facilities providing flexibility to cover necessary legal / regulatory requirements
  • Specialized software & workflows addressing large-volume of small matters prevalent in investigations, litigation, and claimant challenges

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Representative Insurance Expertise

Consilio has a long history supporting the Insurance Industry and the specific needs of in-house legal, claims groups and law firms. As a leader in legal services and litigation management, we strive to provide specialized solutions that serve all of the industry’s requirements. Serving as a panel provider for many of the largest insurance companies provides a unique perspective and expertise into industry best practices aimed at driving innovation, consistency and efficiency

With over 20 years of experience serving the AM Law 200 and leading Insurance Defense and Coverage firms, Consilio understands the importance of supporting the full spectrum of Insurance Defense and Coverage matters in a cost-conscious yet defensible fashion. Proudly represented on eDiscovery panels for the world’s largest and recognizable Insurance carriers, our Insurance Advisory Team of experts is the culmination of experience gained from over the last two decades. We welcome the opportunity to support your goals.

Consilio’s advisors bring significant insurance-specific expertise leveraging proven technologies, refined and defensible workflows to help eDiscovery and legal operations run more efficiently and cost-effectively.  Whether employing data repository solutions with work product reuse to self-service eDiscovery platforms specifically geared to address large volumes of small matters, our clients have experienced significant cost savings, better operations and reduced risk.

Proven Expertise for Insurance

A large insurance client recently implemented Sky Analytics to improve visibility into their legal spend to aid in their Outside Counsel review process. Using the intuitive dashboards and comparative reports, they were able to evaluate firm performance, ultimately reduce the overall number of firms being used and negotiate more favorable rates. In addition to the benefits of Sky Analytics’ benchmarking database and spend analysis reports, Sky Analytics provides this insurer with the ability to track and report the diversity of their outside counsel based on the actual fees and hours billed to their files.
Consilio’s Sky Analytics platform includes over 20 apps that allow law departments to identify savings opportunities, highlight efficiencies, research firms and attorneys, and benchmark against others to understand spend for the same or similar law firms, same or similar attorneys, or similar matters. It also facilitates the rate management and approval processes, matter levels RFPs and provides Diversity reporting and measurements to help you reach organizational goals.
Rather than leaving vendor selection to their outside counsel, many claims organizations are opting to create closer relationships with Consilio and our peers. Consolidation enables a claims organization to gain visibility/control into their legal spend and opportunity for discounts and savings. We have been through the onboarding process to become a preferred eDiscovery vendor for several of the largest global insurers and we are happy to share best practices and suggestions for ensuring success in this area.
Creating a direct relationship with Consilio allows you to leverage your overall eDiscovery spend via volume discounts and fixed fees. Our carrier/claims specific processes across firms and claims representatives help to ensure consistency across jurisdictions and matters. We deliver the constancy and the cost savings you would expect from a trusted eDiscovery partner
With the expansion of the Cyber Insurance market and the significant increase in incidents, more carriers and their impacted clients will require data examination for PII and PHI connected to these events. Consilio is well positioned to lend a hand when these unfortunate events occur. We’ve worked hand in hand with a broad range of Breach Counsel and Incident Response firms on matters related to these incidents. Using Programmatic Data Mining/Analytics and Manual Review, we’re able to identify which affected records potentially contain PII or PHI and produce an actionable list for notification purposes. Our customized process and applications allow us to limit the documents requiring manual review and are designed to improve the de-duplication rate, QC & delivery of the notification file. As an example, an organization was facing a cyber incident, and their carrier immediately put us in touch with Breach Counsel. Working with Breach Counsel and the Incident Response firm, Consilio received
the impacted data set and ran it through our standard Cyber incident analytics workflow. While the client initially provided 150GB+ of data, we were able to reduce the amount of compromised data requiring manual review to just under 10GB of data using our standard methodology. After a review for PII and PHI, we were able to present the client and Breach Counsel with a notification list of impacted data subjects.
Using your guidelines & your E-billing system, our experts conduct a review of your law firm’s invoices. We use technology unique to Consilio to assist in analyzing and reporting on Legal Bill Audit results, Outside Counsel spend, and other areas you might be interested in such as Diversity & Inclusion, External Benchmarking, Rate Management, Firm & Attorney Research and Dashboarding/Reporting features. We employ strategies that have been successful in improving operational efficiency and fluency, netting you cost savings while still meeting or exceeding all of your best practices
Sometimes increased workloads necessitate more people, and it has never been more difficult to identify, attract, and hire qualified staff. We can help with our scalable Flex Talent service, which places human resources on a short- or long-term basis. A leading national insurer was faced with a backlog and a rising volume of third-party litigation requests. While a team of in-house paralegals usually handled this function, the insurer needed assistance and was also interested in improving consistency & efficiency from jurisdiction to jurisdiction. We were able to implement a two (junior) attorney team to handle the backlog
of pending requests while gathering info that would eventually help the carrier client reduce overhead, gain efficiencies in how they handled discovery “sets” (such as complaints, interrogatories, answers, etc.), improve consistency through task tracking, and standardize case intake.

Leverage our 15 plus years of experience in managed document and file reviews to achieve quick success.
Small Matters – Not all projects are big projects, and we understand that. We have workflows and platforms that work well for small matters and are experts in navigating and advising on Joint Defense Group document collections. When a client needed a cursory review of 100 boxes of claims files, we were able to provide a small team to come on-site for one week and get them the information they needed. This allowed the client to limit their cost and allowed their team to continue in their regular business activities.
Large Matters – Document review is expensive. Consilio is a leading industry expert in managing and triaging large document reviews for insurance carriers and their outside counsel. Consilio has deep expertise in insurance, as well as teams spread globally, including low-cost centers in India. When an insurer’s “small matter” blew up into over a terabyte of data to be reviewed, we were able to quickly upstaff a team in our India review center. The client was able to meet their deadline and control some of the unexpected costs that further litigation necessitated.

About the Consilio Insurance Vertical

Consilio’s Insurance Vertical is a strategic and organizational approach that aligns Consilio experience and knowledge to the benefit of clients. Consilio draws from significant industry expertise serving on a number of eDiscovery panels for insurance providers delivering proven engagement and service delivery mechanics (including contracts, workflows, and communication protocols).

We understand the importance of controlling the costs associated with insurance matters, and that your clients are expecting cost-effective defensible decisions when it comes to outside legal services.

Regardless of outside counsel experience and sophistication with eDiscovery, our experts are there to make sure the process runs defensibly in accordance with your requirements, with a focus on managing the bottom line.

Large Insurance Litigation

Consilio Case Study

The Issue

Eight legal carriers and their outside counsel were engaged in a large insurance litigation matter that would involve a significant amount of electronically stored information (ESI). Specifics of the industry and distribution processes required specialized culling techniques to quickly prioritize relevant documents for review as well as eliminate or deprioritize data immaterial to the matter.

Our Approach

Consilio’s dedicated Analytics team of lawyers and computer scientists engaged to deploy sophisticated analysis to quickly identify over 100,000 documents that required various levels of review by outside counsels as well as the population of documents to eliminate or deprioritize.

The Result

By not only identifying the 100,000 documents for outside counsel review but also further recommending the classification levels of review, Consilio assisted in optimizing downstream review workflows. Consilio’s analytics team and it’s Non-Responsive Analysis immediately eliminated approximately 10% of the total document population and deprioritized 40% of the total corpus as redundant eDocs. Consilio’s experienced data operations, project management, and Analytics teams coordinated with multiple co-counsel and within tight time constraints to simplify workflows and deliver significant cost savings to end clients by reducing attorney review time.

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