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Expertise assisting law firm and corporate clients in the handling of personal identifiable information and compliance with data security & privacy regulations.

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Representative Privacy / PII Expertise

Increased global trade, data volumes and movements across borders, and scrutiny from both the public and regulatory bodies have elevated the importance of data privacy and security.  In response, organizations are scrambling to develop workflows and procedures, often leveraging existing resources to respond effectively and efficiently to data requests.  As more and more of these regulations come online, each with their specific impacts and implementation nuances, the complexity of compliance and potential risk continues to rise.

Consilio understands and addresses privacy & PII challenges for law firm and corporate clients by applying scalable, intelligent technologies, deep expertise, and workflows proven over hundreds of data privacy matters.  We work collaboratively with clients to map data flows, understand existing resource constraints, and the best applications of technologies to help clients achieve their ideal workflow.  With the increasing impacts of specific regulator- or state-mandated data privacy, security, or secrets laws, our in-region experts are able to craft workflows that allow for compliance while mitigating excess costs and risks.

  • In-region experts versed in navigating specific challenges of local and regional rules and regulations including GDPR, CCPA, China States Secrets and others.
  • Finely-tuned assessments to identify areas of cost- and risk-mitigation including readiness for GDPR, CCPA, and Information Governance Maturity

  • Holistic and accurate definition of data ecosystems within your enterprise.  From data mapping sources and PII for both structured and unstructured data stores to inventory and classification of critical data, “ROT”, business intelligence, and personal data.

  • Program design for compliance with DSAR or CAR workflows.  Our teams consult closely with clients to develop workflows and customize and deploy technology solutions that allow for efficient responses to DSAR or CAR workflows.

  • Integrated PII redaction workflows into discovery – Our project management, data operations, and document review teams can integrate privacy review and redaction workflows seamlessly into new matter workflows.

  • Automated native redaction solutions – Automatically identifies and removes specified text from documents including native Excel, and all associated metadata and extracted text fields.  Optionally, users are redact near-native or native files directly in the review experience.

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Privacy / PII

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