As a global leader in legal consulting and services, Consilio is committed to helping propel our clients further with proven solutions & expertise. The culmination of multi-year, multi-million dollar investments, Consilio Complete is a proven end-to-end legal services & technology platform bringing together worldclass expertise, innovations in technology & data, along with robust workflows.

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Designed to Be Complete

 Eight capabilities are tightly integrated to drive efficient outcomes, reduce client risk & control cost for investigations, eDiscovery and workflows ― all designed to deliver as one complete experience.

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Consilio Complete by the Numbers

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Meet the Consilio Complete Suite

Eight proven solutions supported by global expertise, a secure technology infrastructure & robust workflows. Visit a hyperlink or read detailed fact sheets to learn more about a specific solution of interest.

Complete Data

Data processing, hosting & production that performs with scale, automation & security built-in and deployed on a global technology & support ecosystem.

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Complete Intelligence

Data analytics, artificial intelligence & machine learning to improve productivity, accuracy & visibility—employing a unique team-based approach blending both legal & computing expertise along with cuttingedge tools & robust workflows.

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Complete Consulting

Proven advisory expertise & services to reduce risk & cost—working with clients, of all sizes and industries on their forensics, legal department, eDiscovery challenges.

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Complete Review

Drive confidence, quality & cost savings with document review leveraging an expert global review team, training & collaboration methodology, as well as technology & workflow enhancements to cover standard to specialized reviews ― anywhere in the world.

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Complete Flex

Enablement, support, technology & infrastructure on your terms —leverage Consilio’s full-service support capabilities or our secure, scalable technologies & infrastructure in a self-service support model.

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Complete Chat

Process, search, review, and produce audio work product efficiently with proven solution including audio phonetic indexing & searching, audio trimming, a userfriendly review experience, robust project support & global deployment options.

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Complete Audio

Easily convert & review chat- and mobile-based data in our reviewer-friendly environment ― including data from Slack, HipChat, JIRA, Bloomberg Chat, MMS / SMS, and other JSON/XML formats.

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Complete Investigations

Supporting corporate investigations & compliance challenges—from strategy to implementation with investigations expertise, a collaborative approach & specialized investigations tools.

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How is it Different

By leveraging the scale & diversity of clients served as well as the breadth of challenges, we’ve designed Consilio Complete from the ground up to deliver not just the essentials you’d expect from a partner but the best, most efficient client experience at every stage. From ensuring chain-of-custody & security of your data at intake to the quality control checks on the over 1,000 productions we deliver per month, we continuallly look at how to deliver quality, cost- and workflow-efficiency for our clients.

Our Brand Values help differentiate us and deliver value to our clients.

Right Solutions, Right Results.

Innovate to excel beyond the status quo.

One Global Practice.

Global reach, local expertise, as one team.

Serve as a Trusted Advisor.

Guiding clients through their toughest challenges.

Deliver Service Excellence.

Set bar high and surpass expectations.

Customer Testimonials

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Complete Audio Speed up our Process, Fortune 500 Company

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Complete Flex gives you the Control, AMLaw 100 Company

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Consilio is Awesome, Legal

Global Reach / Local Expertise

Trusted partners to help you navigate an increasingly complex world.


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