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Representative Litigation & Arbitration Expertise

Litigation and arbitration often involves parties deploying strategies and techniques that complicate discovery through overly inclusive or large document volumes, complex data types, tight timelines, among other impacts.  These strategies may ultimately lead to significantly increased risk and costs to clients looking to navigate challenges effectively.  As litigation or arbitration matters themselves increase in complexity, involving multiple jurisdictions, foreign languages, regulators or associated parties, traditional vendor partners often reach the limits of capabilities and/or resources to serve clients effectively and efficiently.

From small arbitration matters to class action & multi district litigation, Consilio assists law firms and corporate clients with a consultative, collaborative approach to solving for these challenges.  Our teams of experts, strategically located around the globe, takes time to quickly understand the specifics of your matters and recommend the right team and approaches to meet deadlines while reduce cost and risk.

  • Strategically-located experienced Project Management teams – Creating and overseeing complex workflows and custom client processes with diverse, deep skill sets with robust administration and oversight — including rapid escalation and issue resolution.  For projects with enhanced support, robust timezone hand off procedures and shared responsibility ensure continual progress during clients’ off hours.

  • Automated & scalable data processing capacity, speed and quality – Our scalable, secure global hosting infrastructure dynamically can adjust to workload in any region where demand requires timely response.
  • On-call data support teams – Over 100+ Processing Engineers, Hosting, IT & Network Operations specialists on staff and available to respond to issues as they arise — reducing the timeline gap to productivity.
  • Review workflows with integrated analytics & artificial intelligence – Tightly-integrate review and analytics (TAR1/TAR2) workflows and deliver proven results to accelerate reviews while maintaining quality.

  • Experienced team-based approach to mitigate timelines with analytics – Unique and proven team-based approach to Analytics combines legal expertise (with 18+ attorneys on staff) with technology expertise (with 7+ computer programmers on staff) to identify relevant data, reduce costs and increase review efficiency.

  • Immediate Case Assessment – Provides early and actionable insight on overall data population, while removing as much irrelevant information as possible in advance of review.  Population overview provides insights on collection sufficiency & identification of patterns / anomalies.  Substantive analysis isolates hot documents and important early insights.  Search term analysis provides recommendations to eliminate false positives & identify irrelevant document categories.

Collection Strategies & Keyword Search Negotiations Result In 25% Less Review Volume

Consilio Case Study

The Issue

Law firm representing a large global financial services firm needed assistance with an Early Case Assessment on a large dispute in arbitration involving a substantial number of documents. Keyword lists suggested by opposing counsel contained unnecessarily inclusive keywords and resulted in a significant number of false-positives.

Our Approach

After analysis of the data set by Consilio Analytics consulting team, a revised keyword search and custodian collection strategies we created and tested before being deployed by the client. Our Analytics experts (who are also barred attorneys) also directly assisted in negotiations with opposing counsel regarding the plan and strategy.

The Results

Consilio’s work on this matter enabled the client to negotiate changes to keyword terms that resulted in 25% fewer documents that required review, as well as cost savings of nearly $65,000 (£50,000). Consilio’s client commented on the work and advice received, saying, “the conclusions drawn are absolutely perfect and exactly what we needed” and that “for every hour of consultancy time spent, you saved us over 20 hours of review time.”

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Litigation & Arbitration

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