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Handling Cross-Border Matters

Proven, practical approaches and proven expertise managing cross-border matters to meet discovery obligations, compliance with data privacy, secrets & security regulations while lowering overall risk and costs.

  • Experts strategically located globally with deep, hands-on experience handling cross-border issues
  • Best practice workflows optimized for consistency and efficiency proven for complex, high-stakes cross-border matters
  • Global technology infrastructure that exceeds all applicable data security and privacy requirements
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Representative Expertise Handling Cross-Border Matters

In today’s global business environment, it is common for litigation and regulatory matters to involve documents and data collected and processed from other countries. The difficulties and complexities that cross-border elements can add to a matter have an impact not just for the company involved, but typically also for their legal representatives and, if engaged, their electronic disclosure providers in the form of increase risk, costs and in some cases, significant judgements and fines applied by regulators.

At Consilio, our team of experts are strategically located around the globe to deliver proven, practical solutions for conducting eDiscovery for matters while conforming to applicable data privacy, transfer, and security laws of respective jurisdictions.  From compliance with China’s State Secrets law to data subject access request responses in the European Union and United Kingdom, our team applies deep expertise, proven workflows, and a global, secure and flexible technology infrastructure to assist law firms and corporate clients with their cross-border matters.

  • Accepted Best Practices – Identified and refined over hundreds of matters, we apply the most successful strategies, tactics, and best practice workflows for conducting cross-border eDiscovery

  • Smart Application of Technology and Analytics – We leverage the power of technology and advanced data analytics, refined over thousands of client engagements, to streamline eDiscovery for work product quality and efficiency. As the need for data privacy controls has grown, we’ve employed sophisticated automation for identifying and handling of personal data.
  • Capabilities across Europe, North America, and Asia-Pacific – By strategically deploying offices, secure data centers and document review locations across continental Europe and the UK, North America and Asia-Pacific, we offer clients flexibility, localized expertise and resources where needed to meet requirements. When in-country  reviews are required beyond our locations, on-demand temporary review facilities can be deployed in any location. 

Insights on Handling Cross-Border Matters

Handling Cross-Border Matters

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