Going Green: Compliance Issues are Mounting for Corporates

Sustainability has been the buzz phrase for the last couple years. The narrative that green energy is good and fossil fuels are bad has gone mainstream. Lots of investors now only want exposure to companies they consider to be socially conscious, and customers of energy companies want reassurances that their footprint is net zero carbon. This is good news for the environment, however, it opens the door to fraud. How much can we trust that companies are telling the truth about how sustainable they really are, especially when there is now so much money on the line?

Trevor Horwitz, a senior compliance and legal consultant from Consilio, sat down with a number of lawyers from across the energy industry to discuss the compliance issues they are facing and how they make sure their businesses don’t commit fraud, either intentionally or accidentally.

Read the full article that originally appeared on The Lawyer on 5 July 2021.