Enhanced Chat Review

Reduce costs with an end-to-end solution and a streamlined reviewer experience

Our patented1 Enhanced Chat solution hides the irrelevant noise by default and provides a dynamic filter control allowing reviewers to zero in on participants or companies of interest. Now reviewers have a way to quickly pinpoint meaningful content–accelerating the review process, lowering review costs and ensuring more accurate results.


Financial services and other investment-based institutions worldwide rely on chat communications to support time-sensitive business.  Historically, most eDiscovery providers have converted the chat documents to an email file format for handling. But this conversion creates a giant transcript littered with noise and loses useful metadata, crippling the exploration, search and reporting experience. Reviewing chat documents as emails ultimately complicates the workflow, prolongs the review cycle and increases the risk of missing responsive content.

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Simply put, it’s a faster, smarter solution, and it comes backed by our years of expertise supporting large-scale, complex, and multi-jurisdictional reviews across the globe. Already deployed into our data centers in the world’s key financial markets that have passed stringent IT audits, Consilio’s Enhanced Chat Review solution stands ready to achieve the success your case demands.

For more information, download our Enhanced Chat Review fact sheet or client success story.

“By investing time up front to design the optimal solution, Consilio addressed our challenges. This solution lets us process these complex chat data sets and gives us an efficient workflow that will lower our client’s review expenses.”
Global 100 Law Firm Associate in Financial Practice Area

1 Enhanced Chat Review covered by U.S. Patent No. 9,344,390.