Seamlessly review multi-modal global communications

  • Powerful conversion tools to handle nearly any service-based short messaging platform
  • Prepare rich mobile MMS/SMS threads for review – including inline images and video
  • Generate user-friendly review experience in Relativity
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With mobile data volumes expected to grow by over 25% annually, a significant portion of that data is transmitted by popular messaging platforms like Slack, Facebook Messenger, Snapchat, Skype and more. Increased diversity of platforms adds complexity when collecting & reviewing short messages and potentially further obfuscates signal from the noise. Consilio Complete Chat offers a comprehensive solution to processing a multitude of formats and preparing short messages for review.

Navigate Short Messaging Challenges Efficiently

Consilio’s end-to-end solution enables a fast and efficient review of short messages to lower overall project costs. Consilio Complete Chat delivers:

Proven Mobile, Chat & Messaging Data Expertise

From Skype to Bloomberg Chat, Consilio experts have worked with law firm and corporate clients on hundreds of matters involving mobile, chat & messaging data.

Immediate Insights

Highly experienced operating in the earliest moments of an investigation and leveraging exemplar data sets to complete configurations and help deliver immediate insights.

Multilingual & Global Support

Mobile chat, messaging technologies and workflows can be adapted to any language including CJK. Certified & audited global infrastructure conforms to data privacy & security regulations

Process & convert JSON/XML structured data formats (such as Slack & Bloomberg Chat)

Data is easily reviewable in Relativity. Experts can accommodate format variants or other platforms with additional configuration.

Convert mobile data into a reviewer-friendly experience in Relativity

Conversation messages are presented in familiar conversation threads complete with functioning in-line multimedia (e.g. images and video) with timestamps.

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