eDiscovery Analytics

Optimizing the right technology to reduce both time and cost without sacrificing quality


  • Almost a decade of experience providing guidance on technology use
  • U.S.-based, state-of-the-art data analytics center
  • Experience building predictive coding software and integrating analytics into our own review tool
  • Analytics workflows applied to multiple file types in multiple languages, including Korean, Chinese and Japanese

Many eDiscovery matters begin with a hope that technology will limit the amount of reviewable material and control costs. Yet the results are often the exact opposite: the project increases in complexity, cost and frustration for the case teams.

In almost all of these cases, technology failed to fulfill its promise because it was either the wrong technology for the job or there was a suboptimal workflow used. Consilio’s eDiscovery Analytics consultants have the knowledge gained from practical experience so that our clients avoid these pitfalls and maximize the benefits technology can bring.

We Understand Technology Because We Build It

Our team has also spent over a decade enhancing and developing review software (both through Relativity as well as our own proprietary Sightline platform) that incorporates analytics to identify gaps, provide quality control as well as reduce review scope through multiple avenues of analysis including near dupe, email threading, conceptual searching, clustering, audio phonetic searches, and predictive coding. Our intimate knowledge of how these technologies work gives us an advantage in devising workflows that optimize their use.

Our U.S.-based, state-of-the-art, data analytics center provides expert resources–computer scientists, statisticians and data analysts–and technology approaches in a secure environment to cull data efficiently and effectively.

Experience Applying Technology to a Variety of Matters

We’ve helped clients use analytics of all varieties on a broad cross-section of matters, from fast-moving second requests to complicated regulatory and internal investigations. And because of the types of matters we serve, we’ve leveraged analytics across the most difficult data types—such as Bloomberg chats or audio files—in mixed language data sets, including Chinese, Japanese and Korean.

Recommended Uses and Workflows, but Tailor-made Approaches

Consilio’s consultants come to the table with ready-made workflows and education about how those workflows will or won’t yield expected results based on the unique aspects of the matter. We regularly spend hours with the case team explaining technologies, the processes and the recommended workflows as we develop an approach to proceed that optimizes outcomes and minimizes risk. That’s what sets Consilio apart.

Insights on eDiscovery Analytics