Purpose-built AI technology and workflows to more accurately and quickly identify sensitive personal information including Personal Information (PII) and Protected Health Data (PHI)

  • Streamline sensitive data handling by facilitating efficient post-detection review within Relativity or Sightline by Consilio
  • Global capabilities ensure compliance with international standards, providing versatile sensitive data solutions worldwide

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Efficiently Manage Sensitive Personal Data in Legal Workflows

Navigating the labyrinth of personal and sensitive personal information in legal workflows presents multifaceted challenges, from accurately pinpointing diverse data types to ensuring compliance with a myriad of global regulations. Consilio’s Sensitive Data Detect leverages context aware machine learning technology to streamline and enhance the detection, extraction and management of such data, providing superior accuracy, comprehensive data type coverage, compatibility with over 400+ file formats, and customizable detection capabilities tailored to unique business needs. Frequently utilized for Cyber Incident Reviews (CIR) or Data Subject Access Requests (DSAR’s), Sensitive Data Detect can be leveraged for a range of matters where identification of personal data is of paramount importance, including litigation audits and internal investigations.

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Advantages of Consilio Sensitive Data Detect

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Sensitive Data Detect

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Exploring Sightline for Detecting Sensitive Information

Beyond award-winning software, Sightline by Consilio is modern enterprise end-to-end discovery and legal hold by the global leader in legal solutions. Refined over the last decade, Sightline today is trusted by global law firms, corporations, and governmental organizations to drive a wide-range of effective discovery workflows. For sensitive data workflows, Sightline leverages fast data upload, best-in-class PII Data Handling, workflow automation and review productivity tools, to help teams quickly identify, classify and redact sensitive data. Backed by an award-winning client experience, clients can choose the support options that work best for their teams.

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