Tackle the cost, efficiency, and risk management challenges at every stage of Privilege review

  • Identify Privileged content with enhanced accuracy leveraging sophisticated AI technology, workflow and analytics expertise
  • Be supported through a best-in-class consultative approach powered by experts in Review Management and Analytics
  • Accelerate privilege review and reduce costs by prioritizing Privileged content for faster and more accurate privilege decisions

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Optimize Privilege Review: Unlock Accurate Efficiency

In today’s legal and corporate landscapes, the efficient review of privileged documents is a critical challenge, often leading to significant expenditure and resource allocation. Firms are constantly seeking ways to optimize the review process while maintaining the integrity and confidentiality of sensitive information. 

Consilio addresses this pressing issue with Complete AI Priv Review—a robust, AI-powered solution that transforms the privilege review process. By integrating cutting-edge technology, advanced workflow methodologies, and analytics expertise, this solution offers a streamlined, cost-effective approach to identifying, protecting, and managing privileged documents throughout the review stages.

Complete AI by the Numbers

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Regions Globally with Local Analytics Expertise
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Advantages of Complete AI Priv Review

Complete AI
Priv Review

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