TAR Project Reduces Data Set by 95% and Beats Deadline by 2 Weeks

Case involved a large volume document set and short discovery timeline. Advised to proceed using TAR, our experts worked with firm’s associates to successfully complete the project ahead of schedule.

Client Challenge

A UK-based commercial law firm was faced with a large volume document set and short discovery production timeline for a high-stakes breach of warranty dispute for a client in the aerospace industry. Further complicating the matter was the high-density nature of the document set comprising complex contractual documents and spreadsheets with detailed financial models. The legal team needed expert advice on how to move quickly, without compromising quality or taxing their client’s resources.

Consilio Response

Consilio advised the firm that TAR (Technology Assisted Review) was the most efficient method to find the relevant documents for the case. While the firm had never used TAR, the review team assured them it would narrow the scope of the immense data set of 1 million documents. Before identifying TAR compatible documents, the review team culled the data to remove non-responsive file types, such as advertising and spam, typically cluttering email inboxes. This process successfully excluded almost a third of the documents from the data set for inclusion in the TAR workflow. The Consilio TAR experts worked with two of the firm’s associates who were knowledgeable in every nuance of the case to ‘train’ the system. Through several rounds of training, TAR began to “learn” from the coding decisions made by the firm’s experts. The “training rounds” were then validated through quality check (QC) rounds. Working closely with Consilio’s TAR experts, inconsistencies were identified and rectified in an iterative process designed to help achieve stability within the system.

Results Achieved

Upon completion of the TAR project, 35,000 documents from the original 1,000,000 documents were identified as responsive for manual review – cutting the data set by 95%. The firm was able to prepare for disclosure two weeks ahead of schedule. The Consilio team provided expert guidance in a high stakes matter.

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UK-based Commercial
Law Firm

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