Simultaneous Forensic Collections from Multiple European Jurisdictions

Forensic collection was needed, based on the laws and regulations within each location, teams were staffed. Within 2 days, data was forensically imaged and secured; leaving the next phase of the project to be completed ahead of deadlines.

Client Challenge

Consilio’s client required a simultaneous forensic collection of electronic evidence stored on laptops, phones and iPads. Because this was part of a Dawn Raid investigation in Germany, Russia, and Kazakhstan, there was not a clear understanding of the quantity and type of devices, documents, or hardware/software that would need to be imaged and collected. Further challenges included language barriers and legal issues related to the specific jurisdictions.

Consilio Response

Consilio quickly deployed three investigation teams with the language skills and technical credentials required for the collections. For the German collection, where there are strict laws governing data protection, the team worked within the regulations to successfully take forensic images of laptops and hand-held devices. In Russia, where there is a ban on the use of encryption, the team performed their collection work using specially formatted laptops on which the encryption capabilities had been removed.

Results Achieved

The Consilio investigation teams’ skills and specialized tools enabled them to make quick progress. Working 24/7, they had all the data forensically imaged and secured within two days. In addition, six boxes of documents were collected as well as laptops, SD cards, USBs, phone memory cards, SIM cards, and NSF email data. Phase Two of the project, which was performed in the U.K., involved the retrieval, filtering, processing and keyword searching of the user generated data from the forensic images. The reduced data set was hosted in Relativity’s online review platform ready for the client’s legal team review well in advance of deadlines.

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