Mitigating Risk & Cost of an Overstretched Existing Team / Vendor During COVID-19

Client Challenge

A global food processing & packaging company involved in an antitrust class action was experiencing workflow and quality challenges with both existing outside counsel and eDiscovery vendor as the matter continued to grow in scale and complexity. The client aimed to replace the existing vendor, stay on collection / workflow schedules, improve workflow quality and potentially reduce costs. Both the client and newly retained outside counsel chose Consilio to assist them in de-leveraging risk and aiding their strategy.

Consilio Response

Consilio experts rapidly engaged to understand the scope of data / processes involved.

Evaluating the workflow, Consilio teams discovered previous eDiscovery vendor had severely underbid pricing to win work but underestimated the cost and complexity of the matter. To aid the client in remaining cost-neutral or potentially deliver savings, our V3locity all-inclusive pricing model with India-based review component was proposed and accepted.

Occurring during the height of COVID-19, Consilio’s Secure Virtual Collections capability was enabled to perform rapid, secure remote collections on mobile devices and laptops for eight custodians across five offices and homes in the United States as well as two laptops in Singapore. Consilio Digital Forensics & Expert Services teams assisted each collection with secure packaging, chain-of-custody documentation, phone and screen share guidance throughout the process. Data was collected, processed, and analyzed with Consilio’s Immediate Case Assessment (ICA).

Collected data was ingested into multiple review databases based in three data centers for review teams working concurrently. Project approach and statuses were communicated regularly with the client and outside counsel.

Results Achieved

Secure Virtual Review team based out of India followed multiple review workstreams concurrently, in multiple databases in the US and Tokyo. Worked with the client and outside counsel to review over one million documents in thirty days consisting of not only documents for production but also documents already produced by the previous vendor to identify potential clawbacks that may be needed.

By proposing and delivering a unique combination of proven solutions, Consilio’s all-inclusive V3locity pricing model enabled solutions delivered at a 5% cost savings, even when including document review services, over the client’s previously underbid eDiscovery vendor while maintaining quality and meeting timelines.

Company Profile

Consilio assisted a multinational corporation with taking over existing eDiscovery vendor workflow and resolving quality & cost concerns

Services Utilized