Foreign Language Expertise Enables AMLaw 100 Firm to Meet Tight Deadline

Faced with a review of Japanese language, a team of our highly qualified bilingual review attorneys were assembled. Working around the clock, the review process was completed successfully and on budget.

Client Challenge

An AMLaw 100 Law Firm was faced with a pressing deadline for the task of reviewing thousands of Japanese language documents for its client – a Global 100 corporation.

Consilio Response

The Consilio project manager quickly assembled a Los Angeles based team of highly qualified bilingual review attorneys with deep experience in Japanese document review. The review team consistently worked around the clock on weekdays and weekends to conduct a relevance and privilege review of a high volume of documents, enabling the firm and client to successfully meet their ongoing legal deadlines – on time and on budget.

Results Achieved

This client benefited from Consilio’s commitment to screening the best review attorneys for foreign review projects; selecting qualified candidates based on specific language literacy; actual foreign document review experience; and satisfactory completion of the appropriate language literacy written exam.

Company Profile

AMLaw 100 Law Firm

Services Utilized