Simultaneous Collection in Peru, Germany & the United Kingdom

Forensic data collection for litigation that needed to happen simultaneously from multiple jurisdictions. Documents were strategically collected and filtered, which helped to save review costs of over £1.5 million.

Client Challenge

Consilio’s client, a large multi-national company, required a forensic data collection for an upcoming litigation. The collection would need to be conducted simultaneously from Peru, Germany, and multiple sites in the UK. Due to data privacy rules, the data in Germany had to be pre-filtered on-site to minimize any personal documentation leaving the client’s site.

Consilio Response

Consilio sent a forensic collections team to each location, and a total of 2,500,000 documents were collected from the three countries. Consilio experts also assisted in developing an effective keyword filtering strategy and were a cost effective resource for the first pass review.

Results Achieved

Using our Relativity expertise and proprietary enhancements to the technology to load, filter, and de-duplicate the data set, Consilio quickly reduced the document set to 1,500,000. With further analysis, including e-mail chain analysis, data clustering and near duplicate functionality, the document set was further reduced to 800,000. First pass relevancy review resulted in a total of 75,000 documents as potentially relevant which saved the client over £1.5 million in review costs.

Company Profile

Multi-national Company

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