This blog is part of our on-going Women in Technology series.

Ariane Keiper is a Senior Review Manager based in Consilio’s London office. She studied sociology and law. She fully qualified as a lawyer in Germany in 2011 and worked in private practice and document review until joining Consilio permanently in 2014. Ariane enjoys working with great colleagues and people from different countries.

How did you get into this industry?

After studying law in Germany and France and qualifying as a lawyer, I sought to obtain UK exposure to improve my language skills and employment opportunities. I started to work as a document reviewer for a small company in London, which later was acquired by Consilio.

What were some pivotal moments in your career that helped to get you to where you are today?

One of the pivotal moments in my career was certainly my move to London which marked the start of my career in this industry. In 2014, I joined Consilio as a Review Manager. One of my first projects to manage was an extensive, high profile, and long-running litigation matter where the review team comprised over 100 reviewers at one point. That was a great experience and boosted my confidence to be able to manage large-scale reviews successfully.

Have you ever noticed a time in your career where your gender proved to differentiate you?

Having studied in Germany and France, it was surprising that professors and examiners in Germany were generally male despite most students being female. I had a different experience when studying in France, where many female professors held lectures and exams. I am sure this is gradually changing. More women are obtaining senior positions as a growing number of women are graduating with university degrees and pursuing an academic career. However, despite the gradual changes, raised awareness, and public discussion around gender inequality, I believe that women are still not as easily heard and need to speak up. During my professional life in the legal industry, I have witnessed some instances of gender bias. However, I have also experienced both great team spirit and fairness.

What is your advice for someone working in a predominately male workplace?

My advice is to believe in your capabilities and to stay true to yourself. I also encourage women to be confident in sharing their ideas and opinions on approaching issues or challenges.

What do you think companies could do to motivate more women to pursue careers in technology?

In Germany, before starting as a contract lawyer in this industry, eDiscovery was an emerging industry, and I was not aware of legal careers in this field. I believe companies could increase awareness about their industry and better promote their company culture and the opportunities they have to offer for female candidates. For example, including flexible working arrangements to enable women to pursue a technology career while raising children.