This blog is part of our ongoing Women in Technology series.

Rosa Guido is a highly accomplished eDiscovery professional with 20+ years of repeated success meeting and exceeding corporate and client objectives within team driven and self-guided roles. Prior to coming to Consilio, Rosa was the Regional Director of Client Services at a legal and business services organization. She has extensive experience in successfully managing high profile, large corporate programs, and has developed programs to improve service delivery and implement best practices in the industry.

Rosa Guido’s long tenure in the industry, gives her a great understanding of client needs and expectations, and her familiarity and direct experience with project management, managing hundreds of projects of her own, vendor processing requirements, design and focus on process improvement has led to her success in the various management roles she has held.

How did you get into this industry?

A friend of mine was working for a scanning and coding company, one of the original eDiscovery companies and a pioneer in the industry. This company was growing very quickly and hiring. Being fresh out of college and in the hunt to find my career, he suggested I submit my resume, even for part time work while I was trying to land something permanent. I had no idea what eDiscovery was but I figured this could hold me over until the next big opportunity came my way. I was hired to work part time in the scanning department, little did I know that the part time job would lead me to find my career. I eventually transitioned to a Project Manager position and continued to move up the Client Services ranks, eventually landing in a Client Services leadership role where I oversaw the organization’s Project Management Team. Now 20+ years later, I am still here in eDiscovery! The industry has evolved so much since then, but this is the exact reason why I have always stayed … the constant learning, growth, and opportunity.

What were some pivotal moments in your career that helped to get you to where you are today?

The transition into Project Management was pivotal. At the time, we didn’t get much training, if any. It was very much a sink or swim situation, and I swam! As with many growing companies in this space, my former employer also went through many acquisitions and had been acquired by another company. I would categorize each acquisition situation as a “moment” to shine, especially during significant change. There were opportunities to grow, new processes to learn, and new systems to master with each acquisition.

Have you ever noticed a time in your career where your gender proved to differentiate you?

I never felt like I was at a disadvantage because of my gender. I always took advantage of the opportunities presented and always let my work speak for itself. Yes, I was often one of very few women in leadership, but I never let that hold me back from speaking my mind, not only for what I knew was right, but also on behalf of my team or the clients my team supported. I always felt like I was in an environment where work ethic and results trumped all the extra noise.

What is your advice for someone working in a predominately male workplace?

Seize the opportunities that present themselves and truly believe in your abilities and that you CAN! Above all, be sure to have the right balance with your priorities.

What do you think companies could do to motivate more women to pursue careers in technology?

Develop mentoring programs where women are helping other women, encourage more females to take on leadership positions, remove bias where it exists, and create benefits packages that support the balance of work and personal lives. Showcase examples of strong women succeeding and ensure there is available training for technical skills as well as management.