This blog is part of our on-going Women in Technology series.

Lorena Mocanu qualified as a lawyer in Romania and specialized in Criminal Law. She initially worked in private practice for a few years, doing Criminal Litigation. In 2015, she joined Consilio as a reviewer and in 2017 was transitioned to be a Review Manager.

How did you get into this industry?

I started doing Document Review in 2014, shortly after moving to the UK. A recruiter contacted me for a matter that required qualified Romanian lawyers, and I have stayed with Document Review ever since.

What were some pivotal moments in your career that helped to get you to where you are today?

After a few years of Criminal Litigation, I felt that my passion started to wear down and I wanted a change. I was thinking of becoming a judge but decided to spend some time abroad first, to travel and experience new cultures. Coming to the UK was the big moment that changed my career. Later on, in 2015, I became a Team Lead, and I started working very closely with my Review Manager. She opened up this new, exciting world for me and I decided to stay.

Have you ever noticed a time in your career where your gender proved to differentiate you?

Both Criminal Litigation and Technology are predominantly male areas, but I never felt that I could not do this type of work because I am a woman. Sometimes, you have to prove yourself and fight stereotypes, but you can definitely make your voice heard.

What is your advice for someone working in a predominately male workplace?

Be mindful of diversity and be committed to inclusion. To a woman, in particular, I would add not to be intimidated by proportions and approach everything with self-confidence. “Yes, I can” is a motto I go by every day and has helped me succeed every time.

What do you think companies could do to motivate more women to pursue careers in technology?

Promoting a culture that is inclusive for all employees, including women, is a big encouragement. You lead by example, and acknowledging or rewarding women for their professional achievements will inspire other women.