This blog is part of our ongoing Women in Technology series.

Christin is a Director of Business Development for Consilio LLC, the global leader in eDiscovery, document review and legal consulting services.
As a part of Consilio’s Global Revenue Organization, Christin’s role is to create, grow and maintain partnerships with clients at corporations and law firms and help drive revenue to the GRO team. The collaborative partnerships she fosters with her colleagues contributes to the overall success of both herself and Consilio.

Christin has been involved in Business Development in the legal industry since 2013. She has developed such loyal partnerships with her clients, particularly in the Boston market, that they followed her from company to company, wherever she has landed.

Christin works with clients to develop processes and cost-saving strategies in matters involving the collection, processing and review of large amounts of email and other electronic data.

Christin specializes in Antitrust and Trade Regulation, Class Action, Commercial Litigation, Intellectual Property, Internal Investigations, Product Liability and Government Investigations.

How did you get into this industry?

While working at Nordstrom as a personal stylist in 2013, one of my VIP clients offered me a position in legal services. He said “I come to Norstrom to buy my items from you when I can go to 25 other salespeople…Why? People buy from people who they like and trust.” He recognized that providing legal services and my job were relationship-based businesses, emphasizing the importance of trust and connection. A decade later, propelled by a successful track record, I now serve as the Director of Business Development for a leading global legal consulting firm. I am responsible for creating, growing, and maintaining partnerships with clients at corporations and law firms.

What were some pivotal moments in your career that helped to get you to where you are today?

One of the pivotal moments in my career was transitioning into a new field without prior experience in legal services. I began by selling court reporting (deposition) services. Three years later, I was offered an opportunity to sell both court reporting (deposition) and eDiscovery services, which was the next step in my personal and professional development. I was given the title of Senior Account Executive in the Northeast, presenting me with the opportunity to learn and grow my book of business and putting me on an amazing career path in the legal services industry. Soon after, I was recruited to join Consilio, furthering my journey in the legal services landscape.

Have you ever noticed a time in your career where your gender proved to differentiate you?

Being a woman in a leadership role within an industry historically dominated by men has helped build my confidence level. It has challenged me to want to excel at my job, kept me on my toes and pushed me to want to continue to learn more and more. In our evolving industry there is always something new to engage in and to learn, whether it’s a new level of service, a new technology platform, a new request from a client and/or a new roll-out. There is always room to grow as an individual and professional.

What is your advice for someone working in a predominately male workplace?

Throughout my career in the legal services industry, I have encountered strong, assertive personalities. Admittedly, I possess a similar assertive disposition, which aligns with the competitive nature of this business. We are all striving to win and excel. It’s okay to have a strong, assertive demeanor if you show kindness, tact, grace and compassion when interacting with colleagues. Finally, be yourself and remain true to yourself.

What do you think companies could do to motivate more women to pursue careers in technology?

I see more and more women taking on leadership roles in all industries, especially in technology in our eDiscovery world.

I believe that if companies recognize the successful women at their company and highlight their achievements, it will inspire other women to take the plunge and enter a career in technology. There is nothing to be intimidated by, believe in yourself, and hold yourself accountable for your goals both personally and professionally.