Digital Forensics

Certified, technical experts who augment your in-house team or provide collections guidance

There are two goals of any collections effort: to extract the data quickly in a defensible manner and to do so in a way that streamlines processing and review efficiencies later. Although many excel at the first goal, they can struggle with the second, as downstream implications from collections can be overlooked or misunderstood. Consilio’s Forensic Consulting service help you achieve both outcomes, either in support of your in-house team or as a turn-key service.

Flexible Approach Tailor-made to Suit Client Needs

Our client-centered, flexible approach combines well-established collection methodologies with best-of-breed technologies. Consilio’s team of experts has performed, directed, or guided hundreds of data collections and application, computer and network forensic investigations. Our professionals have held positions in government, law enforcement, military and commercial organizations and are experienced across numerous case types including intellectual property theft, patent disputes, embezzlement and financial crimes, evidence spoliation and employment-related investigations. Further, Consilio’s team has provided expert witness testimony in American and European courts.

A Deep Bench of Resources With Global Reach

With years of experience across the globe, Consilio’s Forensic Consulting service can advise on small, local collections or complex, cross-border challenges. No matter the project’s scope, the end result is a strategy tailored to your unique project that provides accurate, defensible results within budget.


  • Global team of proven experts
  • Flexible approach that complements in-house collection resources
  • Broad experience with wide variety of data stores and data types

Our People

Meet John

John Ashley is a computer forensics expert and electronic discovery consultant and since 1989 he has qualified and testified in these disciplines on approximately 80 occasions throughout the US and Europe. John regularly advises corporate clients and counsel on issues involving electronic evidence preservation and collection. He has presented to the Houses of Parliament and taught courses on computer evidence recovery at Bramshill Police Staff College, the British Computer Society, and various universities including the American University in Washington, DC. John has served as a computer forensics expert or as an electronic discovery expert in several of the highest profile global litigation matters of the last decade.

Insights on Digital Forensics