Discovery Consulting

Avoid the spiraling cost and increased complexity of discovery. Consilio’s strategic advice and resources help organizations manage discovery challenges. We ease organizations’ burdens associated with discovery by helping to reduce litigation costs while giving the legal team a distinct competitive advantage in each matter.

We provide services that address every phase of eDiscovery — collection through production — and experienced project managers to oversee all of these activities. In addition to the services outlined on this page, our expert advisors can draw from a host of Consilio offerings to help you overcome your challenges, including:

With dedicated locations globally, our team has the ability to scale quickly to handle any project in a timely, cost-effective manner.

Consilio’s team has extensive experience in conducting corporate law department assessments. We work with counsel (in-house or outside) and the IT departments to conduct a comprehensive evaluation of their current discovery procedures, technologies and resource structure. We then provide recommendations towards an enhanced, efficient and cost-effective discovery process.

Our proven track record includes working with the legal departments of many Fortune 500 companies. We provide both strategic advice and the resources to manage discovery challenges and obligations.

The costs and challenges with discovery can be significant. Our team provides strategic advice and resources to manage those challenges. We identify and optimize enterprise and transactional-level processes and technology so our clients can better fulfill their discovery obligations including:

  • Reducing the costs associated with discovery while maintaining quality
  • Searching for experts for evidence collection, data forensics or other discovery processes in a sound and defensible manner
  • Looking to ensure the most efficient and cost effective tools and/or technologies are being used to support discovery needs

The Consilio team conducts comprehensive evaluations of current discovery procedures and resources. We help organizations design and build new processes, implement those processes and even provide subsequent training and support. We work alongside clients to effectively integrate proven processes and methodologies with leading technology solutions to reduce discovery costs while mitigating business risk.

Consilio’s team works with corporate law departments in providing project management services. We deliver the resources needed to assimilate electronic source-data management into the overall discovery plan with internal departments and external counsel.

Our proven track record with Fortune 500 legal departments allows us to discover and implement solutions that attorneys, paralegals and IT can use to improve the level of legal services within a corporation.

Our People


Meet Daniel

Dan’s professional services background spans a range of business verticals with a strong focus on technology. He has engineered custom business solutions within the litigation, financial, insurance, and retail industries concentrating on strategy, process improvement and operational management. His management and technical experience consists of enterprise software development and integration, complex data modeling and analysis, computer forensics, discovery program design, case management services, and data remediation.

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