Contract Management

Contracts are the lifeblood of any business. With regulatory requirements, risk management, and cost control high on executive agendas, many companies are looking for the increased management of contracts for enhanced visibility, control, and performance.

Consilio works with key stakeholders from the legal, sales, procurement, finance, and compliance departments to evaluate current processes and systems, gather and analyze requirements, and build a contract management process to best fit the needs of each organization. We help businesses organize their current contract environment and implement processes and tools to manage the approach to complete the contract lifecycle. Our contract origination application gives organizations the power to create contracts faster, smarter, and at far less expense.

Our team helps organizations effectively develop, negotiate, execute, and manage their contracts with the goals of reducing risk, realizing more revenue, and eliminating duplication and inefficiency.

Using market-leading technology and global document review capabilities, we can help you find, understand and analyze the content of your existing contracts so you can organize and effectively manage them. Legacy contracts can be located, triaged, searched and reviewed, allowing you to identify and renegotiate underperforming contracts or expose potential areas of liability.

We can help you to evaluate and select a contract management system that is most appropriate for your organization. Because we have long-established relationships with all the leading suppliers of contract management software, we have thorough knowledge of their respective strengths and weaknesses. Our guidance can help you make informed choices, accelerate implementation and maximize the likelihood of an optimal outcome – and positive ROI – for your stakeholders.

Once contracts are executed, our tools and infrastructure can assist you with ongoing contract management. Consulting with stakeholders to ensure contracts meet policy and regulatory changes, we monitor terms and conditions of contracts to encourage proactive renewal and identify exposures. We evaluate reports and analytics to find areas of improvement and additional value, managing to the original intent of the agreement and ensuring the fulfilment of contractual obligations.

Organizations often unknowingly leave money on the table as the precise terms of one or more contracts have long been forgotten and are therefore not enforced. Our experts can conduct a thorough review of your existing contracts and help you identify areas where contract terms are unmet, so you can identify ways to increase revenue or mitigate exposure arising from a failure to satisfy an obligation.

At the beginning of each engagement, we sit down with key stakeholders to discuss and assess the current state of the contracting process and assess how it aligns with business goals. We review organizational charts, existing workflows, processes, technology and future business plans. Then we evaluate these against industry best practices to identify gaps and opportunities for improvement. We can help you make informed choices between these opportunities and create implementation plans that best meet your current and future needs.

Insights on Contract Management