Webinar: Making Changes That Stick: Best Practices to Manage Digital Transformation and Improve User Adoption

Artificial intelligence and machine learning have developed at breakneck speed in recent years. By implementing AI-based technology solutions, legal professionals and contract managers can better position themselves for the future. They can add automation to contract management-related decisions and actions, removing obstacles to everyday legal functions, while fueling critical business thinking.

During this in-depth webinar, Paul Branch from World Commerce and Contracting, Matt Gould, ContractPodAi’s Head of Legal Transformation and GC, and Eric Miller, Director of Consilio’s Law Department Management Group, discuss best practice approaches to AI and technology implementations, with a focus on change management and key user adoption factors.

In this webinar you will learn:
* How to develop a sound implementation strategy, which includes the evaluation of organizational readiness and the creation of stakeholder management initiatives
*What resources and tools, both internal and external, are needed to drive change management success
*Methods to boost user adoption and ensure ongoing user engagement
* How to measure success criteria for critical business outcomes, using quantifiable metrics

Watch this webinar — and learn how to successfully deploy advanced, highly usable technology solutions to meet and exceed the requirements of legal professionals and contract managers.