Talent Spotlight regularly features proven experts of our Enterprise Talent Solutions team helping clients efficiently scale with high-quality, proven talent, legal process, and managed solutions.

What do you find most fulfilling about your job?

I find everything about this industry interesting and engaging. What brings me the most enjoyment is successfully designing a solution that provides a revolutionary level of efficiency to a legal challenge. Whether the challenge is on the commercial or litigation side, there are massive opportunities to improve both the speed and quality of legal work with optimized technologies and processes.

Favorite engagement you ever worked on?

One of my favorite engagements involved the extraction of millions of medical diagnoses for a Fortune 100 company’s financial audit pursuant to an investigation. This client was faced with the task of looking through 500K+ documents and building a database of medical diagnoses for economic expert analysis. I work with the client’s law firm to design new processes and technologies extract and clean the data. Due to the complexity and precision required of the extraction, all the other leading eDiscovery and ALSPs passed on the project. Ultimately, we built an extraction engine using an all new way of adaptive information identification, and in less than 30 days automated to pull 95% of the records, saving the client an estimated $5,000,000 and a calendar year in project time.

A fun fact about you

I was a bass player, guitar, and part-time vocalist for “The WCB” – i.e. “The Weezer Cover Band” in the Atlanta area. Unfortunately, we are on a 15+ year break, but hoping to have a reunion tour any day. I am also a retro videogame enthusiast with approximately 5,000 old Atari and Nintendo cartridges.