Consilio provides an intuitive platform trusted by investigatory and legal teams to identify risk quickly and more efficiently than alternative solutions

WASHINGTON, D.C. – June 28, 2022 – Consilio, a global leader in eDiscoverydocument reviewrisk management, and legal consulting services, announced today the launch of Sightline for Investigations, an integrated platform incorporating the award-winning capabilities of Riskcovery™ in one powerful solution. The intuitive, self-service platform enables investigatory and legal teams to efficiently drive smarter investigation and compliance workflows with rapid data processing, customizable, reusable, and pre-built AI models, and conceptual analysis tools to locate actionable facts quickly – including uncovering potential employee fraud and identifying PII and similarly sensitive data.

“Investigatory, legal and compliance teams need better solutions to quickly and efficiently address the increasing volume of data, and unravel the digital trail of actors who are attempting to hide impropriety,” said Pete Feinberg, Senior Vice President, Product & Innovation at Consilio. “Our design philosophy seamlessly integrates fully automated, self-service capabilities to help these teams more efficiently conduct investigations and audits to control corporate risk and cost exposure while decreasing case aging.”

The platform is designed to provide a seamless experience in data collection, rapid processing, data analysis, and tools for interactive data exploration. This allows internal corporate investigation and compliance teams to review data in minutes by leveraging direct M365 connectors or drag-and-drop uploading, pre-built models to identify impropriety, and conceptual analytics to locate the pertinent material. Additional capabilities in the platform facilitate simple collaboration with outside and in-house counsel on a closed-loop system that controls sensitive data.  Altogether, these capabilities in a single platform offer investigatory and compliance teams a more efficient option to carry out their work.

“With over 15 years of experience handling corporate ESI data, executing investigatory workflows, and leveraging engineering to solve client challenges, Sightline for Investigations greatly increases the leverage enterprise teams have to address the unique time, risk, and data volume challenges of investigations & compliance workflows,” said Serge Poldi, Chief Information Officer at Consilio. “Combined with Consilio’s unrivaled consultative and client servicing expertise, the all-in-one solution enhances Consilio’s ability to serve the evolving investigatory needs of our clients from uncovering potential fraud to internal investigations and compliance audits.”

Sightline for Investigations is a part of the award-winning Sightline platform, Consilio’s end-to-end eDiscovery software ideally suited for self-service work. Sightline was named a market leader in G2’s eDiscovery Grid and Best Momentum Leader in G2’s Momentum Grid in September of 2021 and continues to score above average among satisfaction ratings for quality of support, ease of use, meeting client requirements, and ease of administration.

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