Sightline for Investigations

Move quickly to identify risk with an intuitive platform trusted by leading investigatory, legal & compliance teams

From uncovering potential fraud to identifying PII / PHI / PCI, internal investigations and compliance audits require speed and quality to control risk and cost exposures.  With the clock ticking, investigatory, legal, and compliance teams need better solutions to efficiently combat an increasing volume of data and greater sophistication of actors hiding impropriety. Sightline for Investigations empowers teams to more efficiently handle investigatory & compliance workflows with purpose-built tools to gather and analyze data then quickly identify and package actionable facts.

Sightline for Investigations

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Drive Smarter Investigatory & Compliance Workflows Quickly

With over 15 years of expertise applying innovative technology solutions, Consilio is the market-leading legal solutions provider delivering proven solutions to global law firm & corporate clients.Sightline, Consilio’s top-rated eDiscovery platform, now deeply integrates powerful investigatory & compliance capabilities from its award-winning Riskcovery™ solution in one experience.Combined with Consilio’s world-class client experience, clients benefit from the best of both worlds in one powerful solution.

Gather & Process Investigatory Data in Minutes

With investigations, time to reveal the pertinent facts matters most.  With Sightline, you can quickly gather and upload data with convenient options, so you are reviewing documents in minutes.  Connect to M365 for a mailbox collection, drag-and-drop loose eFiles or archives, or use our desktop uploader for faster speeds.  Need more support?  Consilio experts can handle your data so you can take action more quickly.

Leverage the Power of AI to Identify Actionable Facts Quickly

With Sightline, you can simply load data and leverage hundreds of pre-built, reusable and customizable data models (covering IP theft, PII / PHI / PCI, Discrimination / Harassment, Fraud / FCPA, and more) to identify actionable facts quickly.  Enhance and customize models to fit the specifics of your organization to refine results over time and gain more leverage.  Customized models are portable across matters through availble project templating.

Conceptual Analytics Boost Efficiency to Locate the Material that Matters

Kicking off an investigation, case teams often don’t know what they don’t know.  Sightline is designed to provide quick insights into a document set’s composition so teams can structure their next steps quickly:

Conceptual Searching

Compose a concept search to identify documents that are conceptually-relevant to the material investigators are seeking.

Use the Tally report to identify and act on document sets by filetype or any other attribute.

Categorization: Find More Like These

Sightline’s built-in categorization tool finds conceptually similar documents to a training set based on key documents, tagged workproduct, saved searches, and more.

Filter for inclusion or exclusion based on any attribute

Intelligent Review Features

Sightline’s DocView interface automatically highlights conceptually-relevant portions of content – focusing your attention on what matters. Optionally, sort document lists by conceptual relevance so your teams prioritize review time effectively.

Simply and Safely Control your Sensitive Data Workflow

With Sightline, you can safely ringfence your sensitive data in a closed-loop project so only authorized individuals can access it.  Adjust your access permissions on-the-fly as the needs of the investigation change.  Then, easily package and share findings of your investigation or output of your audit with additional members of your team.  Simply select documents, highlight the content of interest, and click “print” – even create and share an investigation summary package at the end of your review. 

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