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Corporate Counsel Guide to End-to-End eDiscovery

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As an in-house attorney, eDiscovery can often feel like a distraction from the substantive work you want to be doing: delivering strategic legal advice to your business stakeholders and driving real business value for the organization. All the nitty gritty details can feel like something that should simply be outsourced – and some of them can be. But outsourcing to the wrong partner can be as disruptive and distracting as any internal effort. Successfully managing eDiscovery – including choosing the right partners, is essential to the outcomes of your matters and to the efficiency of your organization’s legal spend. Familiarizing yourself with the range of options available to you and the best practices associated with them can result in finding better information, more quickly, and less expensively across all your matters.

In this Practice Guide

  • Common discovery challenges
  • Key decisions and considerations
  • Best practices from preservation to review

Key Insights

  • The importance of collecting at risk data
  • The questions to ask of a potential vendor
  • The benefits of professional review

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