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From sexual harrassment and whistleblower allegations to insurance fraud and tort liability, corporate investigations can turn into matters of all sizes, with sensitive business matters and tight timelines converging to present corporations with unique challenges to determine the nature, scale, and scope of risk.

Consilio has served corporations on hundreds of fast-moving investigations with sophisticated data analysis technologies, proven workflows, and expert assistance to develop sound investigation strategies that uncover deep data insights, enhance legal and regulatory compliance, lower
downstream eDiscovery and storage costs, protect and secure sensitive data, and foster productivity and collaboration.

Specialized Tools & Workflows for Investigations Matters

  • Riskcovery – AI-driven analytics platform that connects to popular data sources (like Dropbox®, O365™, and SharePoint®), ingest collected data sets to allow investigators to identify risk, expand and, narrow topics of interest.

  • Sightline – Full-featured end-to-end eDiscovery platform offering investigative tools, linear-review capabilities and analytics in one platform. Data can be drag-and-drop uploaded and processed by clients or by Consilio project management.

  • Advanced Message Review – Import collected data from mobile devices, including from popular mobile apps (like WhatsApp and iOS messages) and
    efficiently review multi-modal communications in an easy-to-navigate user experience in Advanced Message Review™ or Riskcovery.

How We Deliver for Investigations

  • Comprehensive, Collaborative Approach – We quickly understand and evaluate your specific investigation challenges and goals.  Then, we recommend solutions comprising of tools, expertise, and processes to respond effectively and efficiently.

  • Immediate Insights –Highly experienced operating in the earliest moments of an investigation where delivery of immediate insights can help set strategy moving forward and mitigate downstream risk & costs.
  • Leverage of full set of tools & capabilities –Well-versed in leveraging all types of structured data (including text loose eFiles, chats, websites, email, etc.) and delivering insights quickly and efficiently using the full suite of tools and capabilities available.

  • Integrating Analytics and Smart Customizable Taxonomies –Leverage taxonomies of terms related to various investigations and non-compliance categories refined over time.  Artificial intelligence leverages taxonomies and your data sets to quickly uncover malfeasance.  Customize your own to fit your organization’s specific needs moving forward.

  • Multilingual & Global Support –  Technologies and workflows adaptable to any language including CJK.  Ability to support fast-moving investigations globally.

Birthday or Payday? Trading on Insider Information

Consilio Case Study

The Issue

A financial services corporate client completed a review of over 2 million documents as part of an internal investigation of potential insider trading among multiple custodians within its global network of traders. While senior management was convinced of an issue, the 4-week investigation using traditional eDiscovery tools, including a review team of 30 lawyers, did not uncover any evidence of wrongdoing. Riskcovery®, a patented, AI-powered, contextual analytics platform, changed the outcome by accurately identifying seemingly disconnected patterns of communication and behavior.

Our Approach

Using an insider trading taxonomy defined with the client as key search input, the platform ingested the same
documents, including emails and text messages from the prior internal investigation.

The Results

Fewer than 75 documents that had previously gone unnoticed were highlighted as potentially responsive.

The childrens’ birthday parties that weren’t – The AI-powered solution detected irregular patterns of communication between two traders ostensibly discussing the timing of multiple birthday parties and the size of appropriate birthday gifts. Out of context, human reviewers disregarded the documents as unrelated to the insider trading investigation. By using contextual analysis, however, the pattern of speech was identified as similar to that used to describe insider trading. Once flagged, investigators traced the birthday party dates and gift amounts to specific stock trades made by the employees – who also, it should be mentioned, did not have children. The insider trading was proactively self-reported to the proper authorities before it resulted in litigation or regulatory penalties.

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investigative response

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