Download Webinar: Litigation in a Post-COVID World: How to Prepare for the eDiscovery Ahead

While the world still struggles to battle the COVID-19 pandemic, human health and safety should be everyone’s first priority. But there will come a time when life—and work—will settle into a new normal. And although no one knows what that “normal” might look like, past experience tells us that a global crisis on this scale will undoubtedly generate significant, high-stakes litigation and regulatory activity in its wake. Insurance coverage disputes, claims regarding layoffs and other adverse employment actions, “stock-drop” securities class actions, FTC actions regarding consumer fraud, disputes over force majeure provisions and other contract issues. . . These are some of the obvious types of litigation that will ensue, but certainly there will be many others. How can organizations prepare for this wave of litigation? In this Consilio webinar, a panel of experts explores what can be done now to get ready.

They’ll discuss—
• Assessing what types of litigation and regulatory matters are likely to impact your organization;
• How to handle the identification, preservation, and collection of information in a work-from-home world where more data will be widely de-centralized; and
• Adapting existing litigation and eDiscovery processes to new circumstances, and for employees, counsel, and service providers working remotely.


• Ellen Blanchard, Managing Corporate Counsel, Discovery, T-Mobile
• Marla Crawford, Vice President, Associate General Counsel Legal and Regulatory Proceedings, Goldman Sachs
• Briordy Meyers, Director, Senior Counsel eDiscovery (U.S.), Boehringer Ingelheim
• Maureen O’Neill, SVP—Strategic Engagement, Consilio (Moderator)

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