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Lights, Camera, Action: Demonstrating Leadership and Executive Presence in a Virtual Work Environment



Prior to 2020, legal and business leaders relied on in-person meetings, but the pandemic made remote work the new normal. Four years later, as new leaders emerge and memories of 2020 fade, remote work remains. Today, it’s essential that leaders be able to demonstrate executive presence even when remote.

While executive presence is determined by how others perceive you, you have control over shaping the way you are perceived by others. By following the tips outlined in this guide, you demonstrate that you are a leader and give others confidence in your ability to lead even when you don’t regularly meet face-to-face with your colleagues and clients.

In this Practice Guide

  • Tips for conveying executive presence through communication
  • Tips for conveying executive presence through presentation
  • Common pitfalls to avoid on video and audio calls

Key Insights

  • The importance of executive presence for leadership
  • Why you should listen more than you speak
  • Preparation makes perfect

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