Global CPG Company Proactively Scans for Anti-Competitive Indicators using Sightline and Sensitive Data Scanning

Client Challenge

The global consumer packaged goods (CPG) industry has experienced substantial growth with expansion through regional subsidiaries, acquisitions, and product and market diversification. To proactively avoid potential dawn raids, investigations, sanctions, and penalties, our client, a global CPG company, sought assistance from Consilio to perform a competition audit of its Spanish business unit and analyze data for risk – specifically signs of market dominance, anti-competitive behavior, price-fixing, and other signals.

Consilio Response

Consilio experts quickly engaged with both outside counsel and the business unit to proactively scan enterprise data related to its Spanish business unit with the goal of delivering reported findings to outside counsel for downstream actions including potential comprehensive compliance programs.

Specifically designed for intelligently navigating the labyrinth of information, Consilio’s Sensitive Data Scanning solution leverages cutting-edge AI technology to streamline and enhance the detection and management of such data, offering myriad advantages including superior accuracy, comprehensive data type coverage, compatibility with over 400 file formats, and customizable detection capabilities tailored to unique business needs. Frequently utilized for Cyber Incident Reviews or Data Subject Access Requests, Sensitive Data Scanning can also be leveraged for a range of matters including competition audits.

Results Achieved

Consilio’s experts analyzed 400 GB of data and 1.8 million documents through our Sensitive Data Scanning service, capable of collecting and ingesting data from various sources such as email, office documents, shared file locations, mobile devices, and messaging applications.

Leveraging Consilio’s Early Case Assessment process, pre-built and customizable competition models, and Sightline’s advanced data analysis capabilities, Consilio’s experts composed and delivered a report of findings to the client and their outside counsel. The report contained themes of potential issues identified using conceptual analysis and smart highlighting, all based on exemplar content provided by the client and further supported by Sightline’s models.

The thorough analysis enabled the company to address potential compliance risks proactively and foster a fair and competitive marketplace.

Company Profile

Global CPG Company

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