Innovative Consilio Technology Enables Review of Millions of Chat Transcripts in Sharply Reduced Time, Allowing Global Firm to Meet Challenging Deadline

Client Challenge

A non-U.S. government demanded productions from a multinational corporation which required careful review of over one million chat transcripts and other data to be collected from multiple jurisdictions – and all before a deadline that was imminent at the moment it was imposed.

Consilio Response

Consilio relentlessly innovates and improves in ways that enable it to achieve results for its clients that are often beyond what is possible using only the tools available in well-known document review and analysis platforms. When our client needed to have over a million chat transcripts reviewed with high quality in a very short period of time, we were able to respond with a well-targeted solution.

Our Data Analytics team leveraged their Focused Text application to dramatically reduce the time ordinarily needed to review chat transcripts while simultaneously empowering our experienced and diligent review team to direct their attention to those portions of the transcripts most in need of careful review. In the final analysis, our Data Analytics team achieved an 89% reduction in the content requiring review, and more than doubled the speed of review over the focused content that remained.

Results Achieved

The end result was one we strive to achieve on every matter: a high quality production that was timely delivered to our client.

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Multinational Corporation

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