Talent Spotlight regularly features proven experts of our Enterprise Talent Solutions team helping clients efficiently scale with high-quality, proven talent, legal process, and managed solutions.

What do you find most fulfilling about your job?

Connecting with people in a meaningful way and solving problems. This is true for clients, colleagues, and the attorneys who work with us. It is a “win-win” to offer effective resources to our clients and find challenging work for our attorneys at the same time. I am excited to offer Flexible Talent as well as contracts management offerings, diligence, and legal ops functions and advisory, plus compliance and discovery services.

Favorite engagement you ever worked on?

My favorite team assignment was a large-company compliance need that had so many moving parts, we named it Project Elephant. It involved (i) assembling an initial travel team to collect data from field offices, (ii) providing leading-edge software services to handle the large-volume data, (iii) leveraging tech expertise to parse and populate the data into useable fields in a database, and (iv) then having the initial attorney team return to review the compliance data. All this was for a favorite client with a great sense of humor who is a creative problem solver.

On a different scale, I enjoy providing SME attorneys on a Flex Talent basis to corporate legal departments – because adding as-needed flex resources to their work force gives them bandwidth to be more effective and to log off for dinner!

A fun fact about you:

Years ago, I broke my arm biking in southern France…. On my honeymoon! I heard the “in sickness and in health” part of our vows and decided to put it to the test. They had to put me back together again, and I have a metal plate in my arm as a permanent souvenir!